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SYSA All-Star Coach Application

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 ! Name (First - Last):
 ! Address:
 ! City, State, Zip:
 ! Home Phone #:
 ! Cell Phone#:
 ! e-mail address::
Age Group applying for-only one per application:
 ! How many seasons have you been a Recreational Head Coach for SYSA (including this season)? (Maximum 5 points awarded):
Do you have a coach’s license or certificate? (Points awarded here will be for holding age appropriate license. Any additional licenses held please note in Comments section below-5 points awarded for holding age appropriate license):
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 ! How many SYSA All Stars Teams have you Head Coached? (Maximum 5 points awarded):
Are you active in any other areas of SYSA, other than coaching? If yes, please list areas: (this is used as a tie-breaker section)
Are you a current certified referee? (5 points awarded if yes w/copy of certification provided):
In the last three years, have you been carded for your behavior on the field?:
If yes, give color of card & detailed explanation of each occurrence:
Additional Comments-please note any additional coaching licenses or other pertinent coaching information
Please submit an application form for each age group you are applying for.

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct and that if I am chosen as the All Stars Coach, I will abide by all rules and regulations of the Sterling Youth Soccer Association, the tournament in which I will be participating, and the Laws of the Game.

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