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SYSA Travel Coach Application

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What is your coaching philosophy?
What is your playing experience?
What is your coaching experience?
How do you feel about the importance of winning?
How do you feel about playing in and traveling to tournaments?
How would you plan, build, and develop a team?
How would you organize parents to assist with team operations?
What do you project the per season cost to be for each player on the team?
Are you willing to attend coaching clinics?
Do you have a coach’s license or certificate?:
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As coach, what would your team goals be?
Are you willing to obtain a D license if you do not have one?:
What experience do you have working with children?
How would you handle cutting a player from the team?
Are you active in any other areas of SYSA, other than coaching? If yes, please list areas:
Are you a current certified referee?:
In the last three years, have you been carded for your behavior on the field?:
If yes, give color of card & detailed explanation of each occurrence:
Please print and mail a signed copy of your application confirmation. (A confirmation will be sent to your email address). Include copies of any licences and/or referee certification you have obtained.

Travel Coach Application
Sterling Youth Soccer Association
P.O. Box 409
Sterling, VA 20167
I agree to abide by and support all of the rules and policies, as they may be amended from time to time, of SYSA, WAGS, NCSL, and ODSL, if I am selected to be head coach of an SYSA travel team.

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