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March 31, 2006
9:45:53 PM

Entry ID: 807376
Good luck to all the girls this weekend at ACE.Give it your best and show them your spirit!!!
March 31, 2006
9:24:17 PM

Entry ID: 807357
good luck tomorrow.
Coach Theresa
Va. Beach VA
March 28, 2006
10:47:43 PM

Entry ID: 804836
Thanks to all the Renegade parents who attended our parent meeting tonight! If you were unable to attend, please make sure your cheerleader gave you the yellow handout. This includes important information about our upcoming competitions. Thanks again to Ms. Cindy and Ms. Hayley for helping the Juniors with the routine! A special thanks to everyone who stayed focused and tried their very best! An extra shout-out to Brianna A. and to Brianna B. for staying EXTRA tight! Taylor P., I know you can do the arabesque! Hang in there everyone! Love, Ms. Theresa P.S. Thanks Ms. Michelle for the "ear".
Coach Theresa
Va. Beach
March 26, 2006
10:38:51 AM

Entry ID: 802281
Attention all Renegades! Please make sure to tell your parents about the parent meeting on Tuesday evening! It is very important! Also, a big thank you to my dear friend Cindy for helping us out in order to get ready for our next two comps! Another big thank you to my new friend, Hayley who is helping out also! It's nice for the team to hear the same "feedback" from another source! I really appreciated all the hard work that EVERYONE did at practices last week, and I'm THRILLED with the challenging pyramid! I know that we can get it done! Looking forward to some good news on Tuesday night! Thanks to everyone in the Renegades family for supporting all our teams!
March 24, 2006
8:46:16 AM

Entry ID: 800916
This goes out to the all are looking great at practice. I'm excited for you all. Thank you Haley for helping out :)
March 24, 2006
8:43:41 AM

Entry ID: 800912
I love your new pyramid Pee Wees. Thank you for working so hard.
Michelle(Peewee Team Mom)
March 22, 2006
8:19:14 PM

Entry ID: 799944
I forgot to welcome Haley to the Renegades. We are all glad to have you on our team!We look forward to having you around to help us out.Thank you for volunteering. Volunteers are what keep the Renegades going.Our Board is 100% volunteers.It won't be long before we will be starting our new season. If you are interested in volunteering next season please let us know. There is always work that needs to be done and any help you can give just makes the Renegades even better.Thank you to those parents that did volunteer this season. It was very much appreciated.I look forward to another season with the Renegades.
March 22, 2006
8:04:47 PM

Entry ID: 799929
Awesome practice PeeWee's!!! You ALL got banged up on Tues.I think everyone went home with something sore.The best part about it was that you all left with BIG smiles!! Thank you for working so well with Mrs. Misty's changes.I love the new pyramid! Keep working hard.It will all pay off. Each and everyone of you deserves a big thank you for moving around and trying to do whatever you can to help the team. I know some of you ended up in spots that are not you favorite but please remember it is for the team.I really enjoyed helping Mrs. Misty. Hopefully I can help her again!! You all are wonderful girls.Renegades you ROCK!!!
Kim Patrell
Virginia Beach
March 22, 2006
2:54:53 PM

Entry ID: 799627
I just want to thank Haley for helping out with the Juniors! I am sure it will help Teresa with coaching and I'm glad to see you there! I can speak for my girls, and they think you're great! Practice seems to be going well and they are looking really tight! I also want all the pee wees to know that you look awesome with your new stunts! The Renegades are really going to shine!
March 19, 2006
5:47:44 PM

Entry ID: 797019
hi.have fun at school tomorrow.
Niki Simmons (Braedin and Graesin's cousin)
Summerville, SC
March 16, 2006
8:09:44 PM

Entry ID: 795092
The Stephenson's
Virginia Beach
March 15, 2006
10:50:36 PM

Entry ID: 794452
We were just looking at all the pictures on and We have to say that you all looked great. WE enjoyed watching you girls cheer. We just want to let the STARS of the Renegades All Stars Special Athletes that you all made our hearts smile. From watching you in the stands cheering on EVERY TEAM to watching you take the matt. Thank you for help putting the STARS into Renegades All Stars! Keep it up and I hope to see you all again. Love Mikki, Jason, and Chassity.
Coach Theresa
Va. Beach
March 14, 2006
10:43:45 AM

Entry ID: 792964
CONGRATULATIONS RENEGADES! I'm so proud of all our teams! Every performance was FANTASTIC! Way to go girls! Thanks to all our parents and friends who came out to support us this past weekend! I'm proud to be a Renegade! See you at practice tonight!
papa & nana
March 13, 2006
9:16:49 PM

Entry ID: 792643
Hi Allyson, Way to go.....Another first place finish for the pee wees. Congratulations to all the Renegades and keep on kickin' butt. Can't wait to see the pictures. Love & kisses, we miss you
March 13, 2006
12:19:30 PM

Entry ID: 792074
hiya everyone great site good luck for the sesson come and visit are site ( sign are just book love ur site and hope u come and visit ares luv toni x x
March 13, 2006
9:39:11 AM

Entry ID: 791916
I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter and I enjoyed watching the special needs team! They were wonderful! You could tell that they were truly enjoying themselves out there on the floor and the way the crowd repsonded was even more wonderful. I applaud the coaches, the athletes and everyone at your gym for forming this wonderful squad of athletes and for letting all of us enjoy their talents this past weekend at ODU!
The MacLeods
March 12, 2006
6:45:15 PM

Entry ID: 791472
Congratulaions Juniors on your outstanding performance both days. I have always enjoyed watching your routine but this w/e at Natioanls was so thrilling. GReat job to all of you:)
The MacLeods
March 12, 2006
6:42:22 PM

Entry ID: 791468
WOO HOO FIRST PLACE NATIONAL CUP CHAMPIONS...way to go pee wees and Coach Misty:)
Allyson's mom
March 12, 2006
6:36:26 PM

Entry ID: 791461
There aren't any words to describe how moved I was today when our very special Renegade athletes brought the entire Ted Constant center to their feet in support and awe of how wonderful they were. To everyone involved and especially Coach Theresa you are all amazing. I am so happy to have been there to support you all:)
Michelle (PeeWee Team Mom)
March 12, 2006
4:57:32 PM

Entry ID: 791392
Congratulations to all 3 teams!!!!! Congratulations to our newly formed special needs team. You all rocked the Ted Constance Center!!!!! All I can say is"WOW". Your performance today was OUTSTANDING!!! Awesome job to Coach Theresa and all her helpers. We are all very proud of each and everyone one of the girls on the Renegades. You all went out and gave it your best. Thank you also to Mrs. Robin for bringing the goodie bags and the shakers. I appreciate ALL the help you give me!!! A thank you also goes out to Lauren's grandma. She helped us stuff the goodie bags. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! OUR PARENTS ARE THE BEST! Thank you to all the parents for the support you give the Renegades.
Michelle (Pee Wee team mom)
March 11, 2006
7:54:49 PM

Entry ID: 790820
Excellent Job to both teams!!!! Good Luck to both teams tomorrow!
March 11, 2006
6:45:21 PM

Entry ID: 790783
AWEOMSE JOB GIRLS!! (peewees & junoirs) we did great! cant wait till tomorrow...FEEL BETTER JADE! much <3!
melanie marie
va beach
March 11, 2006
5:01:28 PM

Entry ID: 790700
GREAT JOB EVERYONE TODAY !! good job peeweesss !! && also VERY GOOD JOB JOUNiORS for sticking it, being tight, smiling, && not letting any the stunts fall:] we did AMAZiNG! && ALSO FFFFEEEEEELLLLLL BETTEERRRR JADDEEEEE<3
melanie marie
va beach
March 11, 2006
5:01:24 PM

Entry ID: 790698
GREAT JOB EVERYONE TODAY !! good job peeweesss !! && also VERY GOOD JOB JOUNiORS for sticking it, being tight, smiling, && not letting any the stunts fall:] we did AMAZiNG! && ALSO FFFFEEEEEELLLLLL BETTEERRRR JADDEEEEE<3
Michelle (Peewee Team Mom)
March 9, 2006
8:29:24 AM

Entry ID: 788989
Good Luck at Champion Cheer!!!!

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Total Entries: 420

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