Last Updated: June 22, 2014

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LOUYAA Baseball Club
Post Office Box 302
New Market, MD 21774

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Jeremy Magers Commissioner 240-566-6558
Rick Iapicca Finance and Budget Manager 240-674-3465
Shawn Meade Travel Coordinator
Jeremy Magers Intramural Director 240-566-6558
Evan Evans Thunder Coordinator
Randy Hinkleman Schedules - Recreational 301-801-1273
Chuck Nail Schedules - Travel 202-415-3671
Pamela Ambrose FCPR Coordinator
Cameron Bell Concessions Coordinator - Recreational
Katie Farley Team Parent/Manager Coordinator
Cheryl Wilkie Uniform Coordinator - Recreational
Tom Payne Equipment Manager
Jaime Swinimer Field Maintenance Director
Paulette Bunker Trophies Coordinator 301-674-1904
Benay Osborne Sponsorships - Intramural 301.442.7119
Adam Kohn Sponsorships - Travel/Select 321-239-0184
Open Open Apparel Coordinator
Vince Maddon Evaluation coordinator
Jeremy Magers Opening Day Coordinator 240-566-6558
Benay Osborne Fundraiser Coordinator 301.442.7119
Benay Osborne Raffle Coordinator 301.442.7119
Russ McNair Umpires 240-478-9133
Katie Farley T-Ball Coordinator (ages 4-6)
Robb Wilkie Rookie Coordinator (ages 6-8)
Jeremy Magers Minors Coordinator (ages 8-10)
Joe Kennedy Majors Coordinator (ages 11-12)
Robert Pinterits Seniors Coordinator (ages 13-18)
Jeremy Magers Fall Ball Coordinator 240-566-6558
Jaime Swinimer 9U Select (Thunder)
Joe Kennedy 10U Select (Thunder Majors)
Duane Wattay 10U Select (Thunder Minors)
Shawn Meade 11U Travel Silver (Bears)
Mike Carey 11U Travel Black (Bears)
Joe Meadows 11/12U Select (Thunder)
Evan Evans 13U Travel Thunder
Chuck Nail 13U Travel - Lightning
Vince Policelli 13U Travel Red Lightning
Dave Shaffner 13U Travel Black Lightning
Pat Ronan 14U Travel Lightning
Rob Burke 14U Select Thunder
Mike Carey 15U Travel Lightning

LOUYAA Baseball Club