Last Updated: July 7, 2014

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Parkrose Colts 3rd - 8th Grade PYFC
11800 NE Shaver St.
Portland, OR 97218
Phone: 503-318-8342

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Nicole Burton Admin 503-318-8342
Mykol Burton 5th/6th Head Coach 503-313-2424
Alonzo White 5th/6th Defensive Coordinator 360-909-7139
Chailen Burton 5th/6th Coach 503-975-7545
Adam Vandehey 5th/6th Coach 503-960-1741
Aaron Aasen 3rd/4th Head Coach 503-319-5369
Dale Miller 3rd/4th Linemen 503-752-4518
Bobby Cole 3rd/4th Defensive Coordinator 503-539-2585
David Cahill 3rd/4th Defensive Coordinator 503-954-9623
John Sanders 7th/8th Head Coach 503-863-4533
Charles Hankston 7th/8th Offensive Coordinator 503-933-0246
Joe Manning 7th/8th Defensive Coordinator 503-334-7735
Jeremy Jones Coach 503-998-2172
Sherri Molfetta Team Leader 503-349-3288

Parkrose Colts 3rd - 8th Grade PYFC