Great Kills Little League

245 Greaves Ave
Staten Island, NY 10308
Phone: 917 842 6627

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
**Frank Cambria PRESIDENT of GREAT KILLS LITTLE LEAGUE 718-317-9102
*Charlie Fontana President of BASEBALL 718 288-2365
**Brenda Crocco President of SOFTBALL
*Susan Adone President of CHALLENGER Division/Fundraising 718-288-0457
John Cingari Treasurer
*Karen Marsillo Director/Secretary/Registration/Webmaster 917-842-6627
Nunzio Defilippo Director/Umpire in Chief/DOD Schedules
**Billy Finkel Director/SENIOR MINOR Player Agent
**Mary Beth Scalici Director/Equipment 347-553-6018
Lou Bianchino Director/Sponsors&Billboards
*Tom LoBello Director/Fields
Danny Fackovec Director/Majors-Player Agent/Indoor Facility
* * * Denotes 2 year Term All Jobs Subject to Change
* * ** Denotes 3 year Term All Jobs Subject To Change