Board of Directors

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Northwest Girls Softball

PO Box 34721
Las Vegas, NV 89133
tabillot1248 (at) gmail [dot] com

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Jackie Presser President 702-499-4633 jackiepresser (at) northwestgirlssoftball [dot] com
Eric Bodden Vice President 803-720-1402 ebodden66 (at) gmail [dot] com
Jason Johnson Treasurer 702-241-6003 jasonjohnson (at) northwestgirlssoftball [dot] com
Matt Watson Secretary 702-686-7817 MattWatson (at) northwestgirlssoftball [dot] com
Amanda Billot Player Advocate 702-743-3467 tabillot1248 (at) gmail [dot] com
Jon Farrar Uniforms/Pictures/Trophy 972-249-8258 Jonfarrar [dot] nwgs (at) gmail [dot] com
Eric Nichols Scheduler 702-493-8270 coach624 (at) gmail [dot] com
Cody Anderson Equipment/Fields 908-477-5249 codyanderson (at) northwestgirlssoftball [dot] com
Danielle Akau Snackbar Chair 702-883-5336 danielleakau (at) northwestgirlssoftball [dot] com
Heather Telford 6U Division Rep. ages 6 & under 702-326-1795 HeatherTelford (at) northwestgirlssoftball [dot] com
Jennifer Young 8U Division Rep. ages 8 & under 248-840-4176 jennifer31880 (at) yahoo [dot] com
Jackie Rasnick 10U Division Rep ages 10 & under 702-379-5804 jlrasnick34 (at) gmail [dot] com
Justin Scanson 12U Division Rep. ages 12 & under 406-579-9169 justin [dot] scanson (at) gmail [dot] com
Lisa Yanesawa-Valdez 14U Division Rep ages 14 & under 702-985-9015 kameyo99 (at) aol [dot] com
Amber Exley 16/18U Division Rep. ages 16/18 & under 702-929-0898 caseynamber (at) cox [dot] net
Sam Monzulla Over 18 Division 702-981-4426 smonzulla (at) aol [dot] com