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Marucci Elite T

March 6, 2017
7:29:55 PM

Entry #: 4216669

1-13U Majors Player Pitcher/ OF
1-14U Majors Player Catcher/ Pitcher

Contact D1 Nation Sports
512-902-3093 Coach Garza

Don't tell families that you’re about the development of kids and giving back to the game until you can say and prove it by being able to put some of their money back into your program.

For our Marucci Elite Texas – Austin program, D1 Nation Sports has done the following:

1) Opened a $2.5M 20K sq ft. climate controlled state of the art indoor facility that includes 8 – 14 x 14 x 70 ft retractable cages.

2) OFFICIAL brand partner of Marucci Sports to provide our players with the best equipment and uniforms that is INCLUDED in the price of our program

3) We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to the development of our players. This includes the purchase of the HIT TRAX data capture and simulation system with real time instant feedback video analysis. $22,900 BAM BOUGHT & PAID FOR...Will arrive next week.

4) Our outdoor 17K sq. ft. multipurpose field that allows us to further develop our players fielding, throwing, conditioning and other aspects of the game.

5) EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS!!! Construction almost complete on our custom built $7K outdoor 15 x 15.5 x 85 ft “MONSTER CAGE” to see the true flight of the ball

Just a few things that our program offers and through our actions such as these, it shows and proves our commitment to the development of young men and not just paying personal bills!!

D1 Nation Sports / Marucci Elite Texas - Austin

Jacob F

March 9, 2017
3:24:20 PM

Entry #: 4216820

Marucci Elite T

March 9, 2017
3:58:18 PM

Entry #: 4216822
Jacob F

You have a lot of time on your hands and I get it it's pretty easy to just type FAKE NEWS.

With all the time on your hands it would better serve the kids in your program if you actually put in time (60-70 a week) to grow your program. You or your boss who run the program. We come to work every single day so we can outwork everyone.

It is pretty hard to say what we have and hide it the proof is at 96 Market Street Georgetown.
Come by and check it out!!!

The HIT TRAX will be delivered on Tuesday and installed our staff will be trained the next day.

Have a nice day Mr. Jacob F

Jacob F

March 9, 2017
5:52:45 PM

Entry #: 4216824
Boss I've stood at your tryout parent meeting and have heard you clearly say your teams rosters are limited to 11 players unlike other programs that are "only in it for the money".
Boss, you have 16 players on your 14u roster and now I'm just noticing that half of the players on the 14u roster are the same players on the 13u roster. Boss, you actually need more than 1 player incase you were unaware.
(link below doesn't lie)// FAKE NEWS

......and by the way my kid played there prior in (2016)

Marucci Elite T

March 9, 2017
11:38:11 PM

Entry #: 4216842
Jacob, we posted about how we invest our parent’s monthly fees and put money back into the program. Unlike many clubs.
We want our kids to have all the tools they need to get better and be proud of the place they train.

We appreciate our parents trusting us with their kids and giving us their hard earn money. We show appreciation by our actions as mentioned in our original post.

Look I am sure it is tough and you don’t like me mentioning what we offer and why we do. It exposes you to what you can’t do or won’t do GIVE BACK!!!

Select baseball has many guys talking about how much experience they have but have very little to show how successful they have been. Most of them are having a hard time paying the bills, it is a simple as not having a plan or knowing how to run a business.

Some folks compete in sports and others in other ways. I am a fierce competitor and work 60-70 hours a week to assure that we have success.

I want to have the best and one of the largest clubs in the state. We have lofty goals!! Our projected number of teams for next Spring is 28. We will get to those numbers because we have a plan and how we will execute it.

I will now address you post. It is a straight up lie when you state that I said we only carry 11 players. I have never said that.
The following are the numbers we carry:
9-11u 12 players
13u 13 players
14-15u 14 players
16-18u 16 players some are PO

Stop with your lies, you did not play for us, you are a competitor and don’t like what I say. What I absolutely know is that we use BlueDimond message board to have dialogue with parents not in our program. Frankly we get a lot of response when we post. The problem with our competitors is they want to hurt us by posting things that are not accurate or straight up lies.

Have you seen the post views they sky rocket when we post and our competitors or their friends answer? So please keep it up it helps us get the word out.
We do need 1- 13 major player and 1- 14 major player as stated on our post.

I will challenge you just like I have when someone post something negative. Let’s have a wager if what you posted as far as what you are trying to insinuate about us overloading number on each team I will give you $1000. Please bring your money as well and I don’t mean a check bring cash so you can just put it in my hands. If you would please post the day you are coming by our facility so the public can come as well.

Look don’t hate on us for working hard and giving back to our customers. Be mad at yourself because a guy who never played baseball is beating you at the game you played and profess to be great at it.

We will all be waiting. I think I would remember if you were calling me BOSS when you supposedly played for us.

Jacob, we are proud of all our families and show them appreciation by investing money back to the club.

Jeff N

March 13, 2017
12:53:08 PM

Entry #: 4216991
I have no dog in the fight here, but didn't one of your teams a few weeks ago not have a coach assigned the to a team playing in a tournament? Kids shows up to play and had no coach? Kids has to make their own lineup and opposing coach had to help the team he was playing against by being a base coach? Any truth to that? Heard it a few times at a tournament in Taylor last weekend.

Marucci Elite T

March 13, 2017
2:48:40 PM

Entry #: 4216996
Thanks for the question.

Our first tournament was the Dust the rust off @ CTX Sports 13U Major Host Feb. 25. They did very well and even better at the Super NIT in Houston making the Elite 8 this past weekend March 11. Coach Host would not have any of that, he is extremely organized and always early.

Our other teams played their first tournament March 4th (13AAA-11minors-14Minors & our !4 Majors) Our 14 majors games for Saturday were cancelled due to rain so they did not play that weekend.

I attended all games and can tell you without a doubt that did not happen.

We have an incredible staff of committed Coaches. They understand that being punctual and making sure the kids are prepared is important to all.

Kids and families are very Important to our whole staff.

Our kids and families come before anything and if it came down to a coach doing wrong or our kids we would Fire that coach.

Thank you for the question hope this answers it in detail.

Please feel free to call me if you see and hear of any of our staff acting in a way that shames our club or families. It will be addressed immediately and dealt accordingly.




April 18, 2017
11:13:57 AM

Entry #: 4218884

Marucci Elite T

April 18, 2017
8:59:27 PM

Entry #: 4218933
Juan, We have practice tomorrow at our facility from 6-8 and Thursday at Triple Play Sportsplex from 530-730 if you would like to bring your son out for either or both the practices, you are more than welcome to. Our address is 96 Market St, Georgetown, TX and if you have any question please do not hesitate to call us at 512-309-5647.

enough said T

May 12, 2017
11:36:06 AM

Entry #: 4220700
Too much advertising

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