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Author TOPIC: Western Conference Predictions
OSBA Forcaster

May 5, 2017
11:09:50 AM

Entry #: 4220081
Western Conference 2017 Predictions:

1) Scarborough Dragons – 20 Wins 6 Losses
This team can flat out hit and score runs shown by their .352 team batting average last year. They also have 3 pretty good pitchers to keep runs off the board. Look for them to return to the top of the OSBA. Players to watch this coming season are Cam Kirby, Andy Rider, Tim March, Pat Janssen and Pete Westlake.

2) Mississauga Braves – 18 Wins 8 Losses
The Braves could easily finish first in this conference they are that good. I think the only difference between the Dragons and Braves is pitching. They are motivated and will look to advance further this year come playoff time. Players to watch this coming season are Sean Difeo, Andrew Palmer, Chambers Middlebrook, Tom Argiropoulos and Phil Chan.

3) Vaughn Vikings – 16 Wins 10 Losses
The 2016 OSBA Champs are battle tested and are looking to prove that winning last year was not luck. They are built for the new playoff scenario and will look to get back to the finals again this year. Their offense or pitching isn’t as good as the above teams but they are well coached and should have a great season. Players to watch this coming are Julian Testani, Jon Thiesen, Luca, Paese, Marco Sacilotto and Emilio Paglia.

4) York Diamonds – 13 Wins 13 Losses
This is a team I think is always over looked when people talk about the Western Conference. They are battlers. They put the ball in play, can steal bases and are never an easy out. They have an ace in Mat Wilson and he can win games by himself. Players to watch this coming season are Mat Wilson, Kevin Horton, Tom Haslett and Eric Foley.

5) Mississauga Orioles – 11 Wins 15 Losses
This team has come a long way since they have joined the OSBA. They have gone to tournaments and OBA’s and done well. They too have an ace in Matt Cappuccitti and he will keep them in most games but he can’t pitch every game. Their offense is their strong suit so they are looking to score runs to win most games. Players to watch this coming season are Matt Cappuccitti, Lee Mathe, Frank Pirillo and Geoff McCallum.

6) Mississauga SW Twins – 10 Wins 16 losses
This 6th seed could be any one of the Twins, Cardinals or Mets. But the Twins I feel have the more experienced and veteran team to make the playoffs. This team is getting older yes but still have the bats to get things done. Players to watch this coming season are Jeff Bond, David Robinson, Sydney Saunders, Pat McEnroe and Stuart Kingston.

7) Royal York – 9 Wins 17 Losses
This team could be the surprise of the OSBA this year. They have a good system in place to get players every year. They are young and hungry to make the playoffs this year. I want to say they will make the playoffs but I’m not sure if they are ready yet. Players to watch this coming season are Mike Sinclair, Rich Medal, Mark Towarnicki and Nick Towarnicki.

8) Metro Mets – 9 Wins 17 losses
Again this team could easy be in the 6th seed. They can hit and score runs but their pitching isn’t good enough to shut down other teams. If they can get some better pitching this year, they will make the playoffs. Players to watch this coming are Justin Cruz, Brock Pawliw, Alex Beauvais and Vince Novielli.

Scarborough Dragons .

May 7, 2017
9:31:14 PM

Entry #: 4220272
The Dragons have 3 pretty good pitchers?
You drunk?
Last time I checked we had 5.

OSBA Skeptic

May 9, 2017
8:01:14 AM

Entry #: 4220403
Must be drubk...doesn't read his own posts apparently..LOL! #6 Royal York?? Make up your mind!!

OSBA Forcaster

May 2, 2017
5:08:17 PM

Entry #: 4219846
I think I'm qualified to answer these questions. I have been around the diamond along time and I hope to be around it for much, much more. Ok lets go !!

1) Well I think the Kendal Eagles will benefit a lot since they added both Ajax Angels aces to their already stack pitching depth.

2) Again, the same answer here...Kendal Eagles adding pitching Jenkins, Whalen, Norris to go along with their offense spells 1st place in the regular season. Eagles in the East. Dragons in the West. Not much changed with the Dragons so another 1st place regular season finish for them as well.

3) With the playoff structure changing, teams like Vaughan, Scarborough will do well. I believe Scarborough will reign again.

4) Pickering looks like they are bringing back most of the same team. Yes they are a year older but they are still the same intelligent baseball team they where last year. You can't teach baseball smarts and most of their team have it. Pitching might be their down fall but I expect them to do well again this year.

5) Clarington is an interesting team. They could have a great season but my gut tells me they will be fighting for the playoffs this year. They have decent pitching and so-so offense. Only time will tell if Killoran will be able to get the job done in his final year as team manager.

6) This is a forsure YES! Royal York will make the playoffs this year. The future is bright for this team.

OSBA Forcaster

May 9, 2017
6:56:58 PM

Entry #: 4220459
First...I said the Dragons had 3 pretty good pitchers. I didn't say only 3 pitchers. 2 pitchers with an ERA around 4.00 on a team as good as the Dragons doesn't scream "pretty good pitchers" me anyways.

Second...u r right I did say Royal York would be the 6th seed but after viewing their schedule the next day, I figured 9 wins. I also said any one of Twins, Cardinals or Mets could finish in the 6th seed.

No one's arguing with the rankings though. The facts r these r just a guess. Anything could happen. Forcasters pick the Jays for the Wild Card but until they get health that won't happen.

It's good to have people commenting on the Forum.

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