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Author TOPIC: Eastern Conference Predictions
OSBA Forcaster

May 5, 2017
12:05:48 PM

Entry #: 4220084
Eastern Conference 2017 Predictions:

1) Kendal Eagles – 20 Wins 6 Losses
This team somehow improved even though that had very a good team before. I would be shocked if they won all 26 games if there players and pitchers show up every game. Great hitting and better pitching, this team is the best team in the OSBA on paper. Players to watch this coming season are Ryan Davis, Logan Walters, Tyson Robinson, Luke Jenkins, and Tyson Gimblett.

2) Peterborough Tigers – 16 Wins 10 Losses
This team has young arms and young legs and play baseball. They have played together for a long time. They haven’t added much but one college kid who can pitch and hit. Adding another arm will help Peterborough going forward. Players to watch this coming are Mike Taylor, Jordan Cleveland, Mike Nieukirk, Grant Elson and Kurtis Borland.

3) Whitby Chiefs – 16 Wins 10 Losses
The Chiefs have been the most dominate team in the East over the past 5 years. Their offense is arguably the best in the OSBA. They have depth where they don’t miss a beat when guys are missing. Not sure what Steve Smith has up his sleeve when it comes to pitching but I am sure they will be fine. Players to watch this coming season are Tristian Beadle, Tim Cozier, Mike Del Fucco, Owen Lang and Brandon Mistele.

4) Pickering Pirates – 14 Wins 12 Losses
This team is a veteran team. A team that some have said they are getting older and slower. How will they continue to compete? They are a good team and understand the game. They get clutch hits and make good plays in the field. Players to watch this coming season are Will Mariani, Matt D’Souza, Jeff Lurie, Jared Kwart and Ryan D’Souza.

5) Port Hope Flyers – 14 Wins 12 Losses
This team has a mixture of veterans and youth. They can hit by looking at their .318 batting average and have an ace in Bobby Gilligan to shut down opposition. But their defense was a concern last year. Adding another arm would help going into the new playoff structure. Players to watch this coming season are Brett Jiggins, Seamus Bourne, Hunter Baker, Robert McNab and Bobby Gilligan.

6) Bowmanville Bandits 11 Wins 15 Losses
This is going to be the surprise team in the East. I did make the playoffs last year and did beat Whitby once. They have improved dramatically and will continue to do so this year. If they can add some pitching and depth they will move up this list. Players to watch this coming season are Dylan Harkness, Brian Corcoran, Adam Kolodziejczak and Jordy Robinson.

7) Clarington Cubs – 10 Wins 16 Losses
Teams 4th to 7th could easy be arrange differently here. Health, pitching and hitting will determine who will finish where. The Cubs have always had decent pitching and will rely on pitching again this year to win games. Their offense doesn’t compete with the above teams but you don’t need much if their pitching wins them games. Killoran will do whatever he can to get this team to the playoffs one more time. Players to watch this coming season are Lars Clay, Shawn Lamb, Luke Leone, Wayne Felton and Todd Van Laere.

8) Brooklin Dodgers – 4 Wins 22 Losses.
The Dodgers had a tough year last year and will probably have another tough year. Youth is joining the team and brighter future is coming. They just don’t have the hitting or the pitching to compete in the tougher Eastern Conference. Rod will make sure this team competes every inning of every game. Players to watch this coming season are Mike Lee, Mitch Dunn, Alex Bornemisa, Mike Desputeuax and Mike Heffer.

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