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Author TOPIC: Guess whose back... Back again... Guru's back.....

July 26, 2017
4:37:11 PM

Entry #: 4226486
well g'day all hope everyone is having a great summer and another exciting ball season (although wet from what I usually see every Monday) is upon us and in FULL swing. I would first like to say that the person posting under OSBA Guru at the beginning of the year was NOT me... anything I have put down has been based on numbers and have never been malicious to the players in the league or to the league itself. I have in fact written an email to a member of the league leadership expressing that it was not myself as well as disagreeing with the comments made earlier in the year and to any players/coaches which may have been spoken about or brought up in a negative light, from someone who writes this simply out of a love of statistics, baseball and writing in general it was a dick move and i would not associate myself with anyone who would call our players or the league rep's out for no reason.

That being said.. lets get to dun, dun, dun... power Rankings

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