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Author TOPIC: West Power Rankings

July 26, 2017
4:37:57 PM

Entry #: 4226487
Power Rankings


1) Vaughan – Vaughan has continued their great run to the end of last season and has the best record in the OSBA and has 21 more runs score than the second highest team in the OSBA. Vaughan appears as they have found what they were missing which is quality innings from their staff as a whole. Even Morty and the Vaughan players would admit that there has been an absence of consistent innings from their arms. However Daniel Pelley is seeming to regain his form after limited pitching last year, and an effective Pelley combined with the standout performance of Sam Galloway has this team primed to make a run at back to back titles. The team has 5 players with double digit RBI’s and 15 people with more than 5. There are a few standout bats on the team with Sam Galloway, Luca Paese, Jon Thiesen, Julian Testani and Mike Mastrangelo. This team is scrappy and plain put bats on the ball and no one will likely win an HR title but the average OBP of the team is .468 and that is paying off for their best bat in Galloway.

2) Mississauga Braves – This is a tale of 2 seasons for this team, the team started 0-5 allowing 45 runs and scoring a seemingly unfathomable 15. And have since gone on to winning 13 straight and outscoring their opponents 135 to 39 and have 7 mercy victories in 13 games and have at least 1 mercy victory in each DH since the 0-5 start. The team is having solid seasons out of the standard pitchers and seemingly have a more balanced offence. The team has 4 hitters hitting over .400 who have at least 30 AB’s and it is the normal names leading the way with Andrew Palmer, Omar Goldson, Damien Ramirez and Chambers Middlebrooks. Thinking that the team moved from the small Q Park to a larger field may have helped them limit their all or nothing swings, however there are a number of players that can go yard at any time.

3) Scarborough Dragons – This may be a bit shocking that they are ranked third however with their recent slump and the surge and win streak of the Braves I feel as it is justified. Scarborough remains probably the overall most talented team if people are healthy. However Scarborough has not won a game in 2 weeks going 0-3-1 in that time and being outscored 22 – 7. This team is too good for this to go on for any length of time. The team is missing the power bat of Pat Janssen and below expectation season from Tim Loch, Dev Connelly and Sacha Heravi at the plate. Their pitching is solid anchored by Tim March and Peter Westlake, do not let Westlake’s ERA fool you at 3.45 as his ERA was hovering around the 2.00 before a disastrous outing against the Braves. But again as it is with the Dragons this team is too good and is most likely an abnormality and as baseball players know regression to the means is almost inevitable, so look for this team to bounce back and bounce back in a big way as they face the Twins and Cardinals in the next two weeks

4) York Diamonds – It appears as though half of the Foley era has ended in the OSBA, Steve Foley has been a mainstay in the OSBA and one of the best players the league has ever seen. This team still has solid bats and good pitching, the rotation is led by Eric Foley Kevin Horton and Steve Correia and all have an ERA below 3 this season with all of them having over 17 IP. This team is still a good hitting team however the hole which Steve left has not been filled and asking anyone to fill that void is not an easy one. If the team has a good turnout from the guys of the Pickering Red Sox they have a chance to beat anyone, however with the new playoff format York may be a team to watch, however teams in the west are breathing a sigh of relief as Mat Wilson has not had enough games to qualify for playoffs as of yet, however if he gets there then the other teams in the west should be put on notice.

5) Mississauga Orioles – The Orioles are a team which I think even by their standards this year has disappointed. They showed promise the past few years with an emerging ace in Mike Cappuccitti, however he has only thrown 3.1 innings this year. The Orioles possessed the ability last year to take at least 1 game of most double headers with Mike throwing however with the new double knockout playoff format it may be a stretch to see this team playing more than 3 games.

6) Mississauga S/W Twins – The Twins are probably the oldest team in the league with a LOT of familiar names who have been in the league for a long time. The Twins are a team which enjoys playing the game and has fun doing so, however it appears that the time for the twins may be running out as there has not been the injection of new blood into the team. The Twins are still a good hitting team and have the ability to punish bad pitching however with a struggling rotation and the teams above them it may be 0-2 in the playoffs.

7) Royal York Cardinals – Ok I know they are last place and have only scored 71 runs this season but their biggest issue is pitching. They cant run Cam Gray out there every inning of every week and the rest of their staff has been… well… plain not good, excluding the outstanding ERA of Cam the lowest ERA is 6.28 and all other arms have an ERA over 10.00. The best think that this team could hope for is a slugfest and let Sanders, Wells, and the Towarnicki boys hit. The reason this team is above the Mets is because if the opposing pitcher has an off day this team can punish if their bats get going.

8) Metro Mets – The Mets are a team who plain and simple has lack of pitching depth. They have used only 5 pitchers this year and one of them has only thrown an inning. If the 4 of the 4 arms they had a true #1 and #1-A then it would not be an issue but when the arms are average then it does not usually have a good outcome. The second and third time through the order against good hitting teams is then they will start to get hurt. The team is led as usual by Alex Beauvais and Mike Wells’ however with no help this team seems destined to be bounced pretty quickly.


July 26, 2017
4:38:21 PM

Entry #: 4226488
The East will follow

big v

July 27, 2017
9:26:30 AM

Entry #: 4226560
Im not sure if you just look at the stats and write rhis up according to it, but you should lool way more into these games than that.The twins have a run differential higher than anyone in the league yet still somehow are ranked higher than 2 other teams. The mets are ranked last but have taken the dragons to the wire more than once and also the braves, not to mention 3 of the mets losses were walk offs. Dig deeper when writing these.


July 27, 2017
1:08:59 PM

Entry #: 4226606
I'd say the rankings are pretty accurate... I would agree on your assessment of the Twins though... I would probably have them last in the west... Tough to say who's 6/7 you could probably flip a coin between Mets and Cardinals.. I think history plays a little bit in the rankings as well. Mets haven't been a relevant team for sometime.

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