Custom Fan Shop

EVERY LeagueLineup site comes with a FREE Custom Fan Shop

A store will be automatically created when you create your LeagueLineup site. You'll immediately begin receiving 5% of every sale. Upgrade to Pro or Elite to receive 10% and 15% respectively.

How does this benefit your organization?

  • It's FREE and it's easy to setup!
    There's no cost to open or maintain your store and your store is automatically created when you create a site on LeagueLineup

  • No inventory to manage
    Each product is made to order right here at Prep Sportswear and sent directly to the customer. You won't get stuck with a garage full of items waiting to be sold.

  • Receive UP TO 15% Commission on EVERY sale
    Upgrade your site to LeagueLineup Pro or LeagueLineup Elite to receive higher commisssions.
    • Free sites receive 5%
    • Pro sites receive 10%
    • Elite sites receive 15%

  • Products people want
    Your fans and members can choose from more than 1,200 unique items to customize and personalize.

How do I collect our commissions?

  • Your commission will be transferrable to a Paypal account once you've earned at least $10.00 in commissions.
  • You can also use your commissions to upgrade to Pro or Elite and pay for other LeagueLineup services