LeagueLineup Elite

Raise money using your LeagueLineup.com web site!

Upgrade your site to LeagueLineup Elite you place banner ads for your local sponsors on your site and keep 100% of the revenue from those ads.

How does it work?

  • Set the price and the # of banners to sell
  • Sell banner ads to your local sponsors
  • Upload your sponsor's banner to your site
  • Keep 100% of the revenue

How does this benefit your organization?

  • Unlimited Fundraising Potential
    Because you set the price, the number of ads to sell and keep 100% of the revenue there is no limit to the amount of money you can raise.

  • Promotes Local Businesses
    More exposure for your sponsor's sponsorship dollar.

  • Year-round Exposure
    Your web site provides 24 hour exposure, 365 days a year. Similar to a "Home Run Fence Sign" or an advertisement in a program book but with the additional benefit of providing an entire year of advertising and not just at game time.

  • Sponsor Banners
    Each time a page load a banner will be randomly selected to appear on that page. You can display these ads at the top and/or bottom of your site.

  • Sponsor of the Month
    You'll get access to the "Sponsor of the Month" feature allowing you to highlight one sponsor each month. Their name, logo and/or phone number will appear on each page of your site. Feel free to sell this valuable advertising to your sponsors and keep 100% of the proceeds.

  • Sidebar Graphics
    You can upload ad graphics for your sponsors and add them below the main menu of your site. Note: LeagueLIneup does not create the Sidebar graphics

  • Web Site Links
    Banners can link to your sponsor's web site or email address.

Where do you get banner ads?

There are a number of ways to generate banner ads for your sponsors.
  • Have your sponsor provide them
  • Generate a standard banner using the Sponsors admin page of your site
  • Create a banner using any number of graphic software packages such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MS Paint, etc.
  • Use online image creators