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April 3, 2012
12:02:53 PM

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To the family and friends of Bruce I am sorry for your loss these last couple of years have really been hard on this league but has made heavens team a whole lot better he will be missed Stars 18
March 25, 2012
8:01:43 PM

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Good Luck to all the teams this season. Are there any teams looking for players?
gil"hammer" wynn
west hempstead
October 6, 2011
3:11:28 PM

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it has been a tough season for all the people that have passed away from the league this year,. my prayers go out to all their families. attempting a come back..congrats to the champs...keystone for life...get well todd...stan, sporty, wop good season
July 28, 2011
4:20:07 PM

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Big Ka
Home of Kings
May 13, 2011
10:33:58 AM

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Royalty = Monarchy... We are Kings... We are the "Monarchs"! First guestbook notation of the year, and I would like to be the first to say, see you in the Championship, we will be there! See y'all in September at the National Anthem for game 1. In the mean time, enjoy your summer CHMSL players.
Mustafa Marconi
East New York, Brooklyn
October 11, 2010
11:22:41 AM

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Good games yesterday everyone! Congrats to the Red Sox and to their second basement Eduardo, who in my opinion was the MVP of the championship. His great play at 2nd base killed many of our rallies and he was clutch with the bat!! In the most important games of the season, with so many outstanding players, he was THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! And To All You A's Haters Sitting In The Stands, Or At Home Talking Shit, Remember One Thing, You Guys Were Talking About And Watching US Play For The Championship. I Rather Be A Participant Than A Trash Talking Spectator!!!!!!! PEACE
October 8, 2010
6:12:17 PM

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Former Player, speak your mind brother.....It's already in the open so say the names.
Former Player
October 8, 2010
9:10:10 AM

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Kaseem Porter
Home of Integrity
October 5, 2010
6:27:16 AM

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First and foremost... Respect to all whom deserve it and have love and respect for the game. On behalf of the A's, to the families, friends and onlookers we apologize for our actions of rude behavior, gestures and profanity that may have occurred which is not apart of our lives or daily behavior. Now, I would like to start this off by saying as a team (Athletics) we had a great year with ups and downs like any meaningful relationship. I never been around a group of guys this humble, talented and pure. No disrespect to any players or teams I may have played for previously. We as Men, Players and Fathers love the game and that's why we spend our money and take time away from our families and life obligations to come out and play the games we play on Sunday's. As a Father myself I was able to provide an example to my daughter, a valuable lesson that has been taught to me, my brothers and maybe you too! Before going home she asked "Daddy did y'all lose?" I replied "No baby, we didn't lose and we didn't quit, we don't want to play them because they're cheating". Her next words hit me like a brick on the head which let me know I'm doing a solid job as fathering and raising a child, she said "Daddy, you don't suppose to play with cheaters", I cracked the biggest smile and said "That's right baby, you don't play with cheaters" and we drove home... Even a 7 year old knows that. We all play competitive ball and use our natural abilities and talent out there. But when the "integrity" of the game gets removed it only leads to dirty play, cheating and someone getting hurt. Imagine being a pitcher and you unknowingly throw the ball at a batter with a loaded bat. Then he smacks the ball right back at you with no time to react, move or brace yourself for a Clincher Gold softball, what would you do??? NOTHING because you can't. Only thing you can do is hope that you recover soon while on your way to the hospital! Face smashed, no more ball playing and most importantly no providing for your family because we all have jobs and family responsibilities. You go from being "Independent" to "Dependent" or even a "Burden" to all of your loved ones, all because a guys wants to win so bad that he buys a "Loaded Bat" and let's the team use it in game play. To use it in batting practice to make yourself feel better or look good is a different story. As soon as we got our 3 outs and went to bat, Butch, a 40+ year old veteran used that very same bat of the Red Sox and hit a shot well over Georgies head opposite field in RC. Georgie is one of the best outfielders to play out their in the league, and to beat him on a ball hit is a very rare sight. As I step to the plate, I grab the bat and Kevin, the pitcher steps out the dugout and says, “No YOU CAN NOT USE THE BAT!”… and we all know what happen from there. I follow boxing to some extent and the reason that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will never fight is because those in the loop of the boxing sport knows that Manny is "juiced up". He didn't want to take the Olympic testing because there's no dodging or cheating that style or way of testing 7 days before a fight. So he tried to convince the world that a 50-0, World Champion, Olympic Gold Glover is scared to fight him. And doesn't want to lose... All Floyd wants is him to agree to the testing and he'll fight him. Floyd said "All I asked is to fight on a EQUAL playing field." Which is not much to ask for, Integrity of the sport is in question there and in our case. But the fight will never happen due to that. They can have the trophy but they know in the minds, hearts and souls that they're not the 2010 CHMSL Champs... Pure like the Black Indians were in 2009 when they played my great team of All Nations. They were better that day, no excuses and they deserve the right to be crowned. We chose to bow out gracefully as a team with our Pride, Dignity and Respect. As a leader amongst other leaders, I wasn't willing to put them 3 possessions on the line because at the end of the day, that's all you have as a Man. I wasn't going to stay around and do nothing as one of our pitchers gets a line drive right back at them any longer. Safety was at risk and we are ALL out there for fun. There's no Professional Softball leagues on TV that I know of. So for a player to play at a unfair advantage like he's going to make the "Major Leagues" is despicable. I think I speak for all team members when I say we all want to come back and play in CHMSL. But some things do have to change because as a President of a league, you can't allow this to take place again. Guys are putting a bad name on CHMSL and diminishing your brand with is and has been a reputable place to play and bring your family out for a nice day at the park. I personally told Darryl Calhoun that as a manager he's going tarnish all of the legitimacy, character and respect from others that he has built throughout the years. This is also a slap in the face to the great pitchers Pete and Kevin who I spoke with after we made our decision to award them the victory by forfeit of lack of integrity and safety. I respect them for doing what they do on the mound without illegal pitching and they're not at fault for any wrong doing, which I respectfully let them know. They are capable of winning a game 1-0 if giving one run and can lock down the opposing team. So to use "loaded" bats like their pitcher needs tremendous run support is a insult to them. This is the best example of "let's win at all cost" which is not the example we want to set for kids we raise, other leagues and all of CHMSL. I would like to thank everyone who took the time out of their day to read this letter and give myself and us as a team a explanation to the league, the fans, family members and onlookers who deserve to see the game played pure, sportsman like with respect and integrity. Thank you for your time. ~KP, Kaseem Porter #11 Athletics
Mustafa Marconi
East New York, Brooklyn
October 4, 2010
6:05:19 PM

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Anyone can sits on the sideline with opinions and innuendos, but truthfully our actions were a result of our perspective on everything that was going on. We didn't ask for any advise or consultation, and we stand by our actions. Truthfully I couldn't care less about the many praises or the criticism. The Red Sox have the right to be upset, and criticize, they were our opponents. No other opinion really matters to us. We are the two best teams in the league and to a man they know in their hearts that no one on our team is afraid to play against them. The cores of both of teams are very close and respectful of each other. We have played together and won Championships together. So to all of the outsiders looking at this from the stands, your opinions are of no consequence. We did what we did and we stand by our decisions. Don't Hate on us because you have no integrity nor character, this is about any of you, It's between us and the Red Sox!!!
October 4, 2010
8:35:47 AM

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I never in my career say a team walk of the field in a Championship style series. The excuse was the bats? How come it wasnt the pitchers fault? Why was Abe from the Keystones able to shut the Red Sox down 3 times this year? Why did Science from the Elites beat the Red Sox 11-2 at Bello This year? John Harris held the Red Sox to 2 runs in 6 innings at Bello this year. Was it because the park got crowded and the Athletics couldnt hit well enough to get back in the game? Why werent the bats a problem for the 1st 4 innings? Its always this and that. But as I heard every excuse in the book about why the Red Sox won why they use illegal bats that the umpire examined before the game forgot to mention 1 excuse. Dont worry let me put it out there for you.........maybe the Athletics pitching wasnt smart enough to pitch against the Red Sox...........Nobody talks about that huh? Thats Taboo.......Cant blamethe pitcher for trying to throw the ball past them...........did you see what happen when Abe and Science and John Harris slowed the game down? You watched the game the week before and you sawwhat happens to fast pitching when the Red Sox played the Indians..........The Red sox pitchers had their way with the Athletics batter because they didnt lay the ball in their when they got behind in the count. But I guess we wont talk about that because quite frankly thats the truth.....and it seems that nobody wants to discuss the truth.........I wish everybody a safe and happy holiday season. Maybe we will see you next year.........maybe we wont..........but as men we all know what the real reason one team chose to walk off the field after playing from May to Ocotber to get this point.
September 29, 2010
10:37:42 AM

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September 21, 2010
9:02:11 AM

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No mention about the games that were played??? When the A's got beat by the Cubans it was up in BIG BOLD LETTERS! Revenge was sweet but we are not happy until we win a championship. Much respect to Chip, Shoe and the rest of the Cubans because they put a good whippin on us during the season. But to whoever does this editing of the site, have your bias ass at the game Sunday to see us play All Nations, they are great and so are we so it should be a show. Come on out and this is Kaseem for all who don't know! Respect is due and we not getting it and I'm not taking that lightly anymore!!!
September 21, 2010
8:59:58 AM

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No mention about the games that were played??? When the A's got beat by the Cubans it was up in BIG BOLD LETTERS! Revenge was sweet but we are not happy until we win a championship. Much respect to Chip, Shoe and the rest of the Cubans because they put a good whippin on us during the season. But to whoever does this editing of the site, have your bias ass at the game Sunday to see us play All Nations, they are great and so are we so it should be a show. Come on out and this is Kaseem for all who don't know! Respect is due and we not getting it and I'm not taking that lightly anymore!!!
norman punch
September 16, 2010
9:21:52 PM

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September 1, 2010
1:40:07 PM

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what no updates on how seeding week games went????? wow cant give credit when it is earned huh......what a joke
Home of the Brave
July 21, 2010
3:44:40 PM

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A's got swept by the Cubans, Cubans got swept by the Elites... and now the A's are playing the Elites. So what's gonna happen here? Hmmmm
Leroy Williams
July 14, 2010
11:29:54 PM

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Nice League. Are the Stars still in the league? How do you join this league?
Tony Smalls
Webmaster-Brooklyn NYC
June 4, 2010
10:54:35 AM

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Great Questions former Player. Currently, the league has not supplied us with scores, soon as we get them , I will gladly update the web !!!
Former Player
May 18, 2010
8:16:39 AM

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What is up with the scores and the rosters?
May 5, 2010
9:56:00 AM

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