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Nicole Hassler!
March 18, 2010
8:58:30 AM

Entry ID: 1770181
Woah. That #34 Morgan Bridges is a BALLER!.. I wish I could be like her! Maybe someday she can teach me her mad ball skills. But for right now I have to get off this because I'm supposed to be in SPANISH studying for MIDTERMS & not stealing people's identities. BYE:)
March 18, 2010
8:54:47 AM

Entry ID: 1770179
Nicole Hassler is awesome and i love her so much. i wish i could play basketball like her:) i cant wait till this weekend to watch her play and kick butt:) i love you nicole!!! --Morgan #34
scott van ruden
jamestown, tn
March 5, 2010
2:34:44 PM

Entry ID: 1765342
I would like to thank everyone who is involved in Crossville Thunder traveling basketball... The players, coaches, and most of all the parents who make this possible who are all second to none...I am a proud parent of a player who has improved so much due to this program and will be forever greatful....THUNDER, LIGHTING, BOOOOOOOOM!!
Kassidy Sommer
June 21, 2009
3:21:43 PM

Entry ID: 1648253
I wanted to tell all the girls on the 11u team that we had a great year. We should have won our last tournament if they wouldnt have cheated us in the semi-finals we would have had that tournament in the bag! Well i love you guys:) i will most likely see you guys next year!
David W. Vaden
April 3, 2009
12:42:39 PM

Entry ID: 1598218
ROLL THUNDER......Good luck in the sub state and state

GuestBook Pages: 1 

Total Entries: 5

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