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Janet Commarata
October 20, 2016
2:48:04 PM

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Looking forward to the 2016-2017 season and supporting the team.
mike clemens
March 31, 2014
1:05:19 PM

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Is that Luke Papavasiliou's son on your team. Luke and I had some tough matches-back in the day. Clem
Old Grappler
December 9, 2012
10:57:18 AM

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Good luck this year! That is one full schedule, many more opportunities compared to back in my day.
White Marsh
February 12, 2012
5:46:12 PM

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WAY TO GO OUR DIVISION WIN!!! Congrats to all the wrestlers that showed and put their hearts into it!! Fun at McDonalds with a few laughs and a little R&R before heading home. For thoose determine to continue on the season GOOD LUCK on up coming matches!!!
White Marsh
January 10, 2012
7:41:50 AM

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Way to go Punishers! Doing an awesome job!!
Fred Zais
December 8, 2011
3:04:31 PM

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Its great to see that some of the old programs are still around and still have some of the old wrestlers either running them or still involved. Perry Hall was always one of the respected programs that put out a lot of champions. Keep up the legacy and good luck this year!
camille and rebecca taylor
perry hall
January 21, 2011
11:26:13 PM

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The punishers have been awesome to work with this season our son has turned into such an awesome young man. Thanks Doug and Brian for working with him and giving him a chance
John Barber
Rosedale, MD.
January 6, 2011
3:35:16 PM

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The Punisher are on on top of their game. I can't wait to see my grandsons compete. Good luck to the team and to my grandsons the Hapsis brothers. Big John
June 13, 2008
8:39:58 AM

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I ran into Fitzpatrick's Sister at the Perry Inn a couple weeks ago, She was talking about wrestling there and I overheard her and she said her brother wrestled for PH but I wouldn't know him, I said what's his name she said Fitzpatrick I said "County Champ"? She was shocked that I pulled that one. I don't have any records prior to the 1976 about PH Jr League, The High School I know Melka was first State Champ in 72' but that's about all I got from that era... The PH Jr Era's they way i always thought were the Late 70's (Chip's, Clem, Ricky, Bruno, Salvo and them) Early / Mid 80's: Pittillo, Mcsorely, Miles, Boushell. Late 80's: Pietrolungo, Stratemeyer, ME, Votta, Amenta. Early 90's: I'm a bit fuzzy (I was in Army and away from it) Millenium: Gialamas, England, Kahl, Downey, Bonincontri, Klarman, Foster, Murphy, Paguia Current: THERE ARE SOME TOUGH LITTLE ONES! NEAT THAT THERE IS A EARLY SEVENTIES EDITION.
Mike Clemens
Easton maryland
June 13, 2008
1:44:38 AM

Entry ID: 1402623
How could I forget Roger Downs? He was around when I was a squirt (2nd and 3rd grade). In my first years of PH Junior League (1973ish), there were about 10 guys in the 50 pound weight class (including myself, Kirk Salvo and a studly 5 year old Donnie Pittilo). We were among some of the early students of Bill Blye. Roger and Gibbs were among some of the studs that predated myself, Donnie and Kirk. Who were some of the others Roger? What ever happened to Eichler? Fitpatrick? Where did Robbie Johnson (Gibbes brother) fit in Perry Hall's history? To Doug...I'm pretty good with the Perry Hall history of the mid and late 70's, but am fuzzy with the years prior. Mike Clemens
Roger Downs
Calne, Wiltshire United Kindom
June 11, 2008
4:01:51 PM

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Hi folks it was nice to read your history of Perry Hall (PH) wrestling champions, I remember beating up on the Chiapperelli brothers when they were six or seven years old in PH junior league wrestling, Bill Blye was one of my coaches and his brother Al was one of my team mates as well as Gibbs Johnson and many others that were at the beginning of the PH Junior league wrestling program in the early 70’s. Jim Johnson was one of the original coaches he was a teacher at the Maryland School for the Blind and Mr. Rainer (not sure of the spelling) who was a teacher at Dulaney Valley and Mr. Rau who organized everything for us, his sons were also apart of the team. I would like to mention that I was the first Maryland Junior League wresting champion in 1972 for PH Junior League and was undefeated the entire seasons in dual league matches additional I placed 3rd the following year. My wrestling career ended in my junior year of high school when I broke my elbow playing football for Mr. Chiapperelli. I served 22 years in the Maryland Air National Guard serving my country and now live in England many years later working for the British Ministry of Defense. Finally good luck to all that are lucky enough to experience PH as a way of live, (you my not realize how lucky you are). Roger Downs
February 25, 2008
2:26:02 PM

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20,000 people have viewed this site! Not bad for a community based team!
Angela Jones
December 5, 2007
10:44:08 AM

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Hey the site looks great!! This is my first time stopping by for schedules. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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