Last Updated: October 13, 2017 

BVB Rules & Regulations - (Current Rule Set for Active Year)
- Last Updated on May 19th, 2015

BVB Constitution & ByLaws - (Active for Present Season)
- Last Update May 1st, 2009

2017 BVB Team Registration Form
- Each BVB team for the active year must submit this form (in full) prior to first payment of League Fees.
- If any contact information changes during the season, please notify the BVB Board Registrar appropriately.

2017 BVB Player Waiver Form
- Needs to filled out by each active Player or Team member that is a part of game (On Field or Bench) play.

2017 Team Roster Submission Form
- Each Team must fill out this Roster Submission prior to Regular season Game Play as well as submit any changes during the season.

Umpire Information - Writing a Umpire Report Guidelines
- Umpires: Use this guideline document when filling out the Ejection Report.

Sample Umpires Incident Report Sheet
- Sample Input with Description for assistance to complete

Umpires Incident Report Sheet
- Blank Form for Official Submission of Report.

BVB League Expansion Team Form - 2018 - to submit application for next season.
- Please fill out this form and submit to an active BVB Board member for application to the 2018 Season.
- Deadline is January 26th, 2018 for next season.