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Super Bowl Blocks #1

Super Bowl Blocks #2

Steelers vs Browns 2011-12A

Steelers vs Browns2011-12 B

Steelers vs StLouis2011A

Steelers vs StLouis20011B

Steelers vs San Francisco2011A

Steelers vs San Francisco2011B

Steelers vs Browns 2011 A

Steelers vs Browns 2011 B

Steelers vs Bengals #2 2011A

Steelers vs Bengals#2 2011B

Steelers vs Chiefs 2011A

Steelers vs Chiefs 2011B

Steelers vs Bengals 2011A

Steelers vs Bengals 2011B

Steelers vs Ravens #2 2011A

STEELERS VS Ravens#2 2011 B

Steelers vs Patriots 2011A

Steelers vs patriots2011B

Steelers vs Arizona 2011A

Steelers vs Arizona 2011B

steelers vs Jaguars 2011A

steelers vs jaguars 2011B

Steelers vs Tennessee2011A

Steelers vs Tennessee2011B

Steelers vs Houston 2011A

Steelers vs Houston 2011B

Steelers vs Colts2011A

Steelers vs Colts2011B

Steelers vs Seattle2011A

Steelers vs Seattle2011B

Steelers vs Ravens 2011 A

Steelers vs Ravens 2011 B

2011-12 Coaching Staff

Varsity Head Coach-Brian "Lenny" Lehneke
Varsity Asst- Mark Chernega
JV Head Coach/Var Asst-Rollo Pastucha
JV Asst-Mike Bac, Rob Baker
Fresh Head Coach-Jeff Christ
Fresh Asst-Scott Mickey

USA Hockey Code of Conduct 2011-12

USA Hockey Consent to Treat 2011-12

Financial Responsibility form 2011-12

USA Hockey IMR Registration 2011-12

To Complete your IMR Registration- go to and register under players online registration for 2010-2011.

USA Hockey IMR Registration


2011-12 Physicals
All forms must be turned into the school nurse at the high school by August 12. If you attend a middle school, then you still must turn all forms into the high school.
For more information please contact nurse at the high school Pat Blahovec 724-744-0302 or

New players need copy of Birth Certificate.