ICBA Important Dates for 2017

The following hand-out lists all ICBA important dates for the 2017 season.  Please click here for handout.

ICBA Summer Games Team 2018 Coaching Applications

The Inter County Baseball Association will once again assemble a Summers Game team (Bantam age) to compete in Mississauga, Ontario on August 10 - 12, 2018.  We are currently asking for those interested in coaching this team to submit an application to manage this team at this event.  Those interested are invited to download the coaching application listed below by clicking on it and then completing the form and sending to our All-Star committee C/O Mr. Dave Roberts (dampnr@gmail.com).  Applications are to be submitted no later than November 30, 2017.


ICBA All-Star Coaching Application


The Inter County updated Constitution and By-Laws are now available for download in the handout section.  Please click on the link below for your copy

 Inter County Constitution 2017

ICBA Archived Files Part 1

The following files contains the minutes of the ICBA commencing in 1924 through to 1935.  These files are eligible to be downloaded as a pdf file but it are very large in size.  The earlier minutes from 1919 through to 1924 have been lost to ICBA.   Please click on the link below to either download or view the file.


ICBA Archives 1924-1935


ICBA To Use Score Sheets At all Divisions

April 20, 2016

The Inter County has mandated at all Home Games for teams they will be required to use the Inter County Score Sheet given to teams at the Spring Coaches meeting. The Home team will be responsible for keeping track of all items associated with the game from pitch count, who is pitching & catching along with any suspensions being served at the game. At the end of the game they will ask the umpires to sign off on the game and give a copy of the bottom game sheet to the visiting team and keep the two top copies for the season. At any time during the season a team may be asked by the convenor or P & D to send the top copy of the game sheet in for further use. Visiting teams are not to use the Inter County game sheets when not at home but rather have a score book they can use when on the road.

The Inter County has a rich history of individuals stepping up to the plate to help organize and run this organization for the benefit of all our Locals.  The following file hi-lites those individuals who gave of their time and commitment to ensure this region had an organized baseball program. As we near our 100th anniversary we commend these individual Past Presidents for building the Inter County Baseball Organization into the program it is today.  Please click on this link to view the Past Presidents of this organization.   PAST PRESIDENTS

The following document lists the Inter County Baseball award winner names that were  established in 2004.

 Clicking on this link will bring up the past winners document.