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Former Wolfpack Shows skill in Indiana

Congratulations Justin Carter on being named to the All IFL Linebacker. After playing with the Wolfpack Justin moved back to Indiana and joined with the Generals in Indiana. It was a pleasure having you with us for the The Spring season, you will be missed.

Big Dog on the block

May 23, 2010
The Defending Champion Alamogordo Desert Dawgs came to Bernalillo for the second time in a month. Difference in this trip was the right to play the 4-Corners Roughneck in the NMPFL Championship. The Wolfpack knew that the Dawgs would come to town ready to play. Last season Alamogordo knocked off a previously undefeated Kings and the Razorbacks on the road, both teams that they had lost to in the regular season to win the Championship. The Dawgs are a proven road team with two consecutive trips to the big show in the past two years. The Pack was looking for their first trip to the Championship in their 2 year history after making the conference championship last season. This was the makings for a true dogfight, with 2 powerhouse teams wanting to prove who was the big dog in the Rio Grande Division.

Both teams came out swinging defensively. The first play for the Dawgs was a fumble that set the the pack up on the 22 yard line. First play a 22 yd touchdown by David Lee was called back with an illegal formation. A score didn't come until late int the first quarter when Andrew Shock hit Aaron Brack for a 53 yard touchdown pass. In the second quarter safety Lawrence Samuel forced a fumble in the end zone that was recovered by defensive tackle Jaime Martinez. The missed extra point gave the pack a 13-6 lead. The Dawg drove the ball before the half but an interception on the 23 yard line by safety Jeremy Seely killed any hopes for a score.

The second half started for the Dawgs the way the first did for the pack. Their defense forced a turnover in the opening drive. Then #42 Destrey Robins breaks 2 tackles and makes an amazing run for a 35 yard touchdown. The stopped 2-point conversion made it 13-12. The rest of the third quarter would be a struggle for both offenses to find any rhythm. Fourth quarter, one point game, trip to the championship on the line. This is why we play the game. With a strong wind both teams started to move the ball on the ground. This would play into the strength of the Wolfpack. Midway in the 4th quarter the offense put together a drive that was capped of with a 26 yard touchdown run by Aaron Brack. The missed conversion made the game 19-12. with a tough defense the Pack gets the ball back with 5 and a half minutes left 4th and 8 from their own 38. The coaching staff decide to go for it with a gutsy call. For the moment it would work as Shock hits Chris Moretti for a first down. Later a fumble would give the ball back to the Dawgs. Alamogordo began to march down the field keeping the Pack defense on their heels, mostly on the legs of quarterback Anthony hunter. They drove down to the 10 yard line with 57 seconds left and used one of their 2 time outs. The pack use this break to make a few adjustments. They proved to be crucial as Hunter threw the ball and Seely stepped in-front of it for his second pick and a the final nail in the coffin. With 49 seconds the Wolfpack only needed a few victory snaps and the Gatorade showers began.

Pack moving up

After a 28-14 win over the Alamagordo Desert Dawgs, The pack move up 7 spots to 36 in the National Ranking. The Wolfpack also is Ranked 13th in the Southwest AAA ranking for Western Football news. The pack is set to Host the 6-1 4Corners Roughnecks Sunday at Bernalillo High school. This is the final regular season game for the Pack. The next game will be against the winner of the first round of the Rio Grande Division playoffs. Alamagordo Desert Dawgs and New Mexico Raptors meet inthe first round to decide who will Visit Bernalillo on May 23rd.

1. San Antonio Warriors NMPFL 8-0 377-66
2. Fort Bend Storm GCFA 7-0 206-63
3. Hunt County Longhorns TUFL 10-1 277-166
4. Spencer Kats OMFL 5-0 108-68
5. Abilene Gladiators TUFL 9-1 235-129
6. Waco Thunder NMPFL 9-1 268-104
7. Wichita Falls Vipers NMPFL 7-1 299-88
8. New Mexico Titans Ind 4-0 90-18
9. Texas Colts GCFA 9-1 334-81
10. Texas Wolverines GCFA 7-1 193-69
11. New Mexico Crush Ind 4-1 101-31
12. Edinburg Landsharks NMPFL 5-2 236-112
13. New Mexico Wolfpack NMPFL 4-1 163-43
14. Four Corners Roughnecks NMPFL 6-1 231-73
15. Oklahoma City Diamondbacks TUFL 4-1 118-36
16. Alamogordo Desert Dawgs NMPFL 3-1 96-74
17. Collins Co. Rattlers TUFL 7-2 242-122
18. Port City Jaguars TUFL 7-2 222-89
19. Stillwater Outlaws OMFL 4-2 118-77
20. Texas Oilers GCFA 6-3 155-56
21. W.Texas Outlaws NMPFL 5-3 183-145

Wolfpack prove to be Road Warriors

he Wolfpack made the 2 hour drive to Las Vegas, NM on Sunday through rainy and and even snowy mountains. They arrived to Perkins stadium to realize that natures elements would still be a factor. The field was wet the rain continued to come down as both teams struggled to throw the ball. The Outlaws did threaten on a deep pass early in the first quarter. Cornerback Dominic Hidalgo made the TD saving tackle on the 5 yard line. The next play Skyler Sargent busted through the middle and hit the Vegas running back for a 5 yard lost. The Wolfpack defense continued to push the Outlawz offense backwards, crushing any hopes for a score. The weather and two very tough defenses made for a hard-hitting but scoreless first half. The Outlawz opened the second half with a great kickoff return to the Wolfpack 46 yard line. Again the defense imposed their will causing a fumble and stalling their drive.

The offense started to really move the ball in the second half, mostly with the legs of QB Doug McDaniel and RB Isaac Landours. This would prove to be the difference in the game. Early in the fourth quarter, back to back long runs by both players put the Pack on the Vegas 16 yard line. Offensive Coordinator Rio Thompson decided it was time to take a shot. He called a fade pass to WR Andrew Shock. As McDaniel put the ball in the air Shock was battling for position. A battle he won as he scaled to the highest point and snatched the ball for the games only touchdown.

"The Outlaws are a very good team and deserves a lot of respect. The played a tough hard-hitting game." said head coach Sam Boughter "Vegas is a classy team and Perkins is a great facility. We want to thank them for having us up there to be part of such a great battle. That is what football is about. A bad weather hard-hitting dogfight. This is exactly what a young team like ours needs, a tough road win. I feel that we grew as a team today."

Next up for the Wolfpack is a home game with the Taylor Ranch Trojans at 3pm Sunday March 14th at Bernalillo High School. Last season it was a shootout. The game was close until caught a long touchdown off the foot of a Trojan cornerback to help the pack pull away.

Wolflpack break into ranking at #43

April 21, 2010
After back to back big wins the Pack finally break into the Minor League Football News National Coaches Consensus Poll at the 43 spot. A one-point loss to the 20th raked Falcons the week before the polls opened hurt any chance of the Pack being ranked. The pack has responded with two huge wins over the Taylor Ranch Trojans 45-12 and 59-0 this past week. The Pack also defeated the Santa Fe Sting in Santa Fe last week 32-12. That game was a rematch of the Divisional playoff game last year. Next on the schedule is Alamagordo Desert Dawgs in Bernalillo. This game will decide the Division championship and home-field advantage for the playoffs. The pack will close out their regular season home schedule with #32 Four-Corners Roughnecks on May 2nd. The Roughnecks are undefeated and have been rolling through all the opponents. This will be a huge game and could decide where the League Championship will be played.

Bernalillo is home For the Pack

The New Mexico Wolfpack signed a deal with Bernalillo High School this week to play all their home games on their newly renovated field. The players are excited to be playing on a brand new natural grass field. We feel this is a great opportunity to bring semi-pro football to the community of Bernalillo.

"We have had a great response from the people around town, this will be great for both the Wolfpack and the town of Bernalillo." said Mike Royce, a current Wolfpack player and Bernalillo High alumn. "It will be awesome to play on a field that I played on growing up, and in front of the people from my community."

The season will start on March 7th, as the Wolfpack will travel to Las Vegas, New Mexico to take on the Outlawz. The Pack will have their season home opener the following week on the 14th, as they host the New Mexico Rage.

Season passes can be ordered on our web site or you can go to Bernalillo Chevron gas station at 223 Highway 550. Go Pack!!!

2010 Schedule

The 2010 schedule is out and the home opener for the Wolfpack will be March 14 against the Taylor Ranch Trojans. This will be the second meeting against the Trojans, and should prove to be a great match up. The game between these two teams was a dog fight in 2009 before the Wolfpack pulled ahead with a 69 yard TD catch by WR A. Shock. The ball was tipped in the air of the foot of the Trojan DB as Shock focused caught the ball and ran for a score to ice the game 35-17. With both teams in their second year the meeting on the 14th looks to have a lot of scoring. The Wolfpack averaged 27.8 points per game last season and have added a number of weapons to the offense for 2010. Offensive Coordinator Rio Thompson says "I am really excited about the personell on offense, I am going to be able to open things up much more then we did last season." This game will follow a game in Las Vegas against the Outlawz which the Wolfpack didn't play in 2009 either. So with a new home and 2 new opponents to open the season, The Wolfpack have a lot to look foward to in the near future. tickets at the gate will be $3.oo for adults and children under 12 yr old free with a school id. Season passes are on sale right now for $10.00