ATTENDANCE:  Denise, Tracy. C, Krista. B, Krista. S, Yvette, Tanya, Michelle, Kelly 
ABSENT:            Kara, Jackie, Tina, Laura, Sue, Georgina, Tracey. B


1.  Board Positions 2016/2017 - Looking for board members to shadow Denise and Tracy for the 2016/2017 season. Both agreed they would stick to it for one more year if there was one to replace them for the following season. Inga will continue with the policy manual but will not attend meetings. Meeting minutes will continue to be emailed to her. 


2.  Dryland - Michelle will look into scheduling drylands at Daerwood School for the upcoming season. It will continue to be Wednesday’s. Michelle will also confirm the time slot we will be allocated with the school. 


3.  Equipment - Kara will look into whether we need pylons & white (or any light colour) away jerseys for next season. If so how many & sizes. Kara to look into CCM coaches bags for coaching equipment from Keystone. If fees are favourable we will purchase 5 bags with Selkirk Ringette embroidered on it. 
Denise made a motion for Kara to purchase 5 coaches bags and have the cost within $350.00. Tracy 2nd, all in favour.


4.  There was a parent concern brought to Denise’s attention that the timekeepers shifts we a little uneven at the end of the season. Going forward we will make sure to give each timekeeper a minimum amount of shifts. This way they are entitled to the same amount and can pick up extra games if available. 


5.  Picture Day - Kara to look into RD Photo Corp to see if we can have the team photos done all together rather than photoshop picture. Picture day will be on October 15 @ Selkirk Rec Centre. 


6.  Clothing - Denise and Michelle will take care of clothing for upcoming season. The know of a supplier that they used for hockey. Clothing order date will be the same date as meet n greet @ the Daerwood School in the multi purpose room. Michelle will book this when she books the dryland. 


7.  Potential Teams 2016/2017 - Thinking we could possibly have 2 U10, 1 U12, 1 U14, 1 U16. Will not know for sure until after registration and tryouts.


 8.  3 on 3 - Chad will organize. Scheduled fro Dec. 28 & 29th from 8:00 a.m - 7:00 p.m. at the Selkirk Rec Centre. 


9.  Rings of Steel Tournament - Short a bit of ice for this tournament but are awaiting a reply from East Selkirk and City of Selkirk if we are able to book more. Sanction is in and is scheduled fro Jan. 10 -15. This is the same weekend as the Transcona Tournament. 


10. e-transfer - Krista will need to set up a separate account of be able to accept e-transfers for registration. Once funds are deposited into the account she will transfer it into the regular bank account. 
Tanya made a motion to set up second account to accept e-transfer for Selkirk Ringette Association @ Sunova Credit Union. Denise 2nd, all in favour.


11. Registration - R4U price will be increased from $365 to $375 for the upcoming season. Registration dates are August 24 & 30 at the Selkirk Rec Centre. Tracy will let City know about the 30th. Georgina to get cash calendars. 


12. Parade - Will not have a float in the parade this year…. Not enough interest and no-one to head it. 


13. Come Try - Sept. 17 1:15 - 2:15 at the Rec Centre. Tracy and Jackie to coordinate. Once pamphlets are ready we will make sure to have them sent out to schools for beginning of next season. 


14. Camp - Will keep same levels as last season. Tracy emailed Amy, Lindsay & Sheena to see if they will run it again next season. Amy replied back yes but didn’t hear back from the other 2.Tracey Baker to email out camp info to all players. 


NEXT MEETING: August 31, 2016 @ 6:30pm - location TBD