The Touchdown Club offers is a great way to support the Centennial Knights Football Program.  The TD Club works with Coach Perry to improve the program with revenue generation, capital improvements, game day support, marketing, recruiting and communications.  Without the Touchdown Club the program could not exist and achieve the goals we all want for our boys.  To join the TD Club CLICK HERE for the application and join the fun.  On gamedays you will receive exclusive club shirt, special parking, reserved premium seats and food on the field prior to home games.

Our TD Club Board Contacts and Positions

Head Coach Michael Perry
President Colin Brosmer
Treasurer Liz Barton
Registrar Jayna Brosmer
Corporate Sponsors Doug Myers
Member at Large    
Member at Large    
Member at Large Bill Barton
Member at Large Bob Croawell
Member at Large    
Donations Liz Barton
Webmaster Matt Risse
Concessions Liz Barton
Senior Night/Banquet    
Summer Camps Jayna Brosmer
Game Day Matt Haupt
Knight Cards Matt Risse
Pride Day/ Grounds Laura Mayville
Press Release Mary Kay Edwards
Touchdown Club Membership Van Dresser
Program/Media Day Matt Risse
Spirit Wear Stacy Wright

Long-Term Planning  Mike Garrison
Team Meals Laura Mayville
Jr Knight President Tim Sperier