2008-2009 5th Grade Team Awards

Most Valuable Player: Anna Nabity
Outstanding Offensive Player: Kara Grassau
Best Defensive Player: Christa Bloomquist
Best Screener Award: Madison Eppler
Versatile Player Award: Haley Alexander
Outstanding Shooter: Emily Hart
Most Improved Player: Shannon Green
Outstanding Team Player: Cecilla Hoggatt
Outstanding Participation: Tehillah Alphonso
Most Ethuasatic Player: Krystal Korb

OIT Tournament 2009

Fremont Ymca Tournament 2009

3rd place

Blair Tournament 2009

2nd Place- Blue Devils

Red Oak 2009

1st Place

Aurora Tournament 2009

The girls took first place.

Roncalli Tournament 2008

Finished: 2nd Place

A.V. Sorensen Winter 2009

The girls got 1st Place.

A.V. Sorensen Tournament 2008

2nd Place Finish

2007-2008 4th Grade Team Awards

Alex Hruby-Most Valuable Player
Carly Kirsch- Outstanding Offensive Player
Anna Nabity- Outstanding Point Guard
Christa Bloomquist- Best Defensive Player
Krystal Korb- Most Improved Player
Cassie Geiken- Most Coachable Player
Allie Clemens- Awe-inspiring Award
Addison Baffert- Down-to-earth Player
Eleni Knapp- Outstanding Team Player
Caitlyn Jensen- Outstanding Participation
Mallori Drilling- Most Inspirational Player
Madison Eppler- Newcomer of the Season

2008 3rd Grade Team Awards

Nikki Hruby- Most Valuable Player
Allie Clemens- Best Defensive Player
Joscelyn Bakhit- Quickest Player
Cera Craven- Most Coachable Player
Grace Novak- Best Field Goal Percentage
Paige Becker- Most Improved Player
Bailey Kocheiser- Outstanding Point Guard
Jordan Kirby- Down-to-earth Player
Alex Hruby- Assistant Coach Award
Jessica Hughes- Most Outstanding Team Player

Seward Tournament Spring 2007- 4th grade Division

We won our first game, then lost to Malcolm, then we played for 2nd and 3rd place for our third game. It came down to a buzzer beater by Alex Hruby in overtime to take 2nd place.

1st Place- Malcolm
2nd Place- Blue Devils
3rd Place- Gretna Fever

Plattsmouth Tournament 2008

1st Place- Yutan
2nd Place- Lady Blue Devils
3rd Place- Gretna Lady Blazers

Belluvue Tournament 2007

December 22, 2007
First Place- Lady Blue Devils
Second Place- Midwest Trailblazers

Sarpy Tournament 2007

1st Place- St. James Eagles
2nd Place- Blue Devils
3rd Place- Gretna Lady Dragons

Gretna Basketball Tournament 2007

1st Place- Gretna Lady Dragons
2nd Place- Blue Devil's
3rd Place- Midwest Trailblazers

Winter 2006 Lady Blue Devil's Awards

February 26, 2007
Eleni Knapp- The funniest Player
Kayley- The Most Improved Player
Hayley- the Most Coachable Player
Krystal- The Most Energetic Player
Dominique- Outstanding Team Player
Rachel- The Most inspirational Player
Maysie- Good Sportsmanship
Christa- The Best Defensive Player
Zoey- Newcomer of the Season
Alex- Most Valuable Player