Last Updated: August 26, 2015

On-line applications will be accepted all summer and fall. In person registrations will start Tuesday, 1 Nov 2011 on site, a first practice will be held that evening. NOTE: Practices on 1-3 Nov 11 will be for all age groups for the first week. Also middle school group is now 4th-8th grade to better balance the room.

2010-2011 Season Adds Middle School Practices
In an effort to continue to improve wrestling for all ages, Club has expand its practice schedule to allow separate elementary and middle school practices for core instruction days, with a combined practice on Thursdays for situational wrestling, live drills, and tournament/scrimmage preparations.

Until recently, Pin-2-Win lacked the coaching resources to expand practice options to allow for sub-varsity like middle school activities on the appropriate level to specifically prepare for varsity athletics. The separation of technique practices also allows the Club to provide more age specific environments for the wide range of the Club's age groups.

Additionally, numerous feedback from the local high school coaches, well as feedback from other Peninsula Youth Wrestling League Clubs show a significant reduction on middle school aged wrestlers within the Peninsula area teams and the change is universally agreed by all as a significant step forward in attracting and retaining this age group. To build on our elementary success, the addition of middle school practice sessions will help to ensure that as our elementary wrestles mature, they will have an equally successful training environment in their 5th to 8th grade years.

Wrestling practices are held in the Bethel High School wrestling room (1067 Big Bethel Rd., Hampton, VA) from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
-- Elementary Practice Days (PreK-3rd): Tue/Thr
-- Middle School Practice Days (4-8th): Mon/Wed/Thr
-- Season Dates: 1 Nov 11 - 30 Mar 12

Cheerleading practices are held near the Bethel High School wrestling room (1067 Big Bethel Rd., Hampton, VA) on Monday's and Thursday's from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

2009-2010 Season Adds Cheerleading
This was our inaugural season of the Club's youth wrestling cheerleaders. For many families, the addition of cheerleading gave the sisters of our wrestlers an opportunity to overcome the "boredom," as many of them described it, spending their weekends at tournaments and league scrimmages. Andrea Williams, a long-time competitive cheer member, assumed the reigns and literally built the program from the ground up.

Pin-2-Win is a competitive Level-3 AAU-registered wrestling club for youth wrestlers ages 4-15 years old. Our wrestlers come from all over the peninsula and surrounding areas. Pin-2-Win is also a member of the 17-team Peninsula Youth Wrestling League (PYWL), which holds scrimmages and an end of season league tournament. The club attends numerous local tournaments, as well as regional and national-level events both in and out of Virginia. Pin-2-Win assembles, or may provide its wrestlers to, national-level Virginia traveling teams that complete in elementary and middle school events. The club has had a long tradition of success at all levels of youth competition.

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