Southridge JBO Board Meeting Minutes

Location:  Pacific Growlers Tigard, OR

Date: February 12, 2017  

Board Attendees:  Jim Klee, Daren Kalish, Ellen Bailey, Steve Kays, Brian Wheeler & Dave Hughes

Non Board Attendees: Tommy Peterson

Agenda action items:

  • Board discussed and voted on adding board/coaches insurance to the general liability insurance. 
    • Board voted to add the additional coverage
  • Jim Klee provided an update on fields:
    • All practices for the senior teams will be at the HMT complex until May 1st.
    • After May 1st, additional fields will open:  Whitford MS, Highland Park and Water District
  • Steve Kays provided an update on uniforms and game balls
    • League will be providing senior players with two game jerseys, hat, belt and socks.
    • Players are responsible for pants
  • Ellen Bailey provided an update on financials. 
    • With no fundraisers or donations this year we are on track to break even with player registration this season.

  Next Board meeting scheduled:               


Location:  TBD

Date: TBD, 2017

Agenda Items for next meeting

  • Team Schedules
  • Re-write by-laws with new board members
  • Uniforms
  • Financial update