Last Updated: March 31, 2016 

Mission Statement

The Southeast Volusia Soccer Club Inc. is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to
fostering the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of Florida's youth
through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition. To establish and maintain
a teaching criteria for soccer coaches to follow, providing our children with the most
conventional education and training achievable. Our job is also to make it fun and
instill a lifelong passion for the sport in young players.


Program Overview

Southeast Volusia Soccer Club Inc. (SVC) Fall 2009/2010

1 We were incorporated on January 24, 2001 a Not For Profit Corporation founded by Neil Rohan.
2 We manage the New Smyrna Beach recreational soccer program. "Recreation League"
3 We manage the New Smyrna Beach competitive soccer program. "Competitive League"

4 The SVC is affiliated with the Florida Youth Soccer Association. (FYSA) .
5 All players are registered with the FYSA, our geographical region is B-2.
6 Recreational players play "in-house" at the Sports Complex (No Traveling)
7 Recreational games are generally held during the week
8 All games U-9 and up are officiated by referees certified by the FYSA.
9 No one is allowed on player bench or sideline except (2) coaches with FYSA member I.D.
10 Competitive teams play in the Greater Central Florida Soccer League. (GCF)
11 Half of the competitive games are played at NSB Sports Complex, the other half of the games are played in other cities. (est. 45-75min.)
12 Competitive games are on Saturdays. Games on Sundays occur due to schedule conflicts or make-up games.
13 Competitive schedules can be found at on the internet.
14 Competitive league standings can be found at
15 Competitive team coaches are encouraged to become "E" class certified through the (FYSA).
16 Maximum players per team: U-12 and above = 18,
17 It will be up to the referee to play if raining, the day of, or during a match.
18 A National criminal background check is done on all coaches through the (FYSA).
19 A character background check is done on all coaches and volunteers by the (SVC).
20 September starts a new year, there are two seasons in one year, (fall and spring).
21 Fall season runs September through November, Spring season runs March through May.
22 There are three divisions in the competitive league, A = Premier B = Competitive C = Recreation
23 You will notice a three digit number after SVC, here is what the numbers mean for a Girls team: The 1st # is the age of the players,
The 2nd # is their division status ie; (1) = State Cup, (3) = Regional Cup, (7) = Completive, (8&9) = Rec,
The 3rd # is the number of teams that exist in that same age group in our club.
Here is what the numbers mean for a Boys team: The 1 st # is the age of the players, The 2nd # is the division status ie; (0) = state cup,
(2) = regional cup, (4) = completive, (5&6) = Rec. The 3rd # is the number of teams that exist in that same age group in our club.
24 Excess accidental medical coverage is automatically provided to all of our players. The policy provides coverage for registered players
at sanctioned events, including regularly scheduled practices and games. There is a $1000 deductible on each claim.
The insurance company will pay 80% of the eligible amount after the deductible has been applied. The claimant is responsible for the
other 20% of the next $10,000 to a max out of pocket cost of $3000 per injury. Coverage's/Benefits: Accidental-medical
$50,000 Max. Accidental Death $10,000 principal sum.