On this page we list those frequently asked questions of the Elvaton Recreation Association, Inc.   

We provide these FAQs online in an effort to give you access to the information immediately and at your convenience. 

Should you have questions that are not addressed below or by our website, please send them to elvatonrec@verizon.net.


1: Q. How many kids benefit from the Organization?

A. More than 1200 children from 900 families benefit from the services the organization offer throughout 

each year. These children participate in a variety of seasonal sports on teams ranging in ages from 4 to 18 years.


2: Q. What facilities are available to the Organization?

A. The organization have many locations and facilities available for their use. Among these facilities is 

the main site at Elvaton Park, known as the Donald & Margaret Gardner Recreation Park which includes 1 multipurpose 

field and 5 baseball/softball fields. The organization also use elementary school facilities at  Shipley's 

Choice, Pasadena, Southgate,  and Oakwood. Also Marley Middle School. 


 3: Q. Who runs and works for the Organization?

A. The Elvaton Recreation Association is a nonprofit organization consisting of more than 100 volunteers from the 

Greater Severna Park, Millersville, Glen Burnie, and Pasadena area. Additionally, a Board of Directors oversee the 

organization. A voting process conducted at the general membership meeting selects the board members. This meeting 

is usually held on the second Tuesday in December.


4: Q. Why are the registration periods so far in advance of the respective sports seasons?

A. The volunteers need time to organize the team rosters, coordinate field space and schedules, make financial 

arrangements for league fees and perform administrative tasks prior to the start of the season.


5: Q. Why does the Organization charge an annual $35 family fee?

A. The $35 Annual Family Fee is required to cover the Organizations' expenses, including administration, buildings, 

supplies, maintenance of Elvaton Park, and insurance premiums for the organization. The fee is a calendar year fee, 

effective January through December. All current Organization's families pay this annual fee once in the calendar year. 

The annual fee "coverage" does not "cross over" calendar years.


6: Q. What is the affiliation, if any, between the Organization and the County Department of Recreation and Parks 


A. The Elvaton Recreation Association operate under the guidelines of Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks. 

Many of the fields the organization use are county property and are available to the Organization as part of a 

permitting process each year.


7: Q. What are the benefits that participating children can receive from the Elvaton Recreation Association?

A. The organization promotes enjoyment of sports, character building and camaraderie. Winning is not everything 

with the Elvaton Recreation Association. Children are encouraged to participate and have fun rather than being 

pressured to win. The sportsmanship that this organization encourages helps children to gain an understanding of 

teamwork, and to develop a sense of self-confidence, social skills, physical coordination and athletic skills. 

These benefits will not only assist children in sports activities today, but also throughout their lives as they mature.


8: Q. Why doesn’t the Organization mail registration notification and information directly to the homes like other 

community associations?

A. The Organization feels that the expense related to direct home mailings to each alumni and prospective player 

could be better applied to fields, facilities, equipment and other ways that have a direct effect on the participants. 

All program registrations are publicized in the Maryland Gazette, the weekly newspaper that reaches homes of current 

and potential Organization' families.  Effective Spring 2010, all registrations will be done online, and choosing 

Player Online Registration Form.


9: Q. If there is a breach of the "Parent's Code of Conduct" what effective course of action should be taken to report it?

A. Should a parent find that there is a breach of the "Parents Code of Conduct" he/she should alert the scheduled 

chain of command. First the offense should be brought to the attention of the team coach. Depending on the severity 

and/or continuation of the behavior or action, the Commissioner of the sport should then be notified.


10: Q. Why does the Organization charge a late registration fee?

A. There are many tasks that need to be performed between the regular registration sessions and the start of the 

sport season. Adjustments made to rosters, team numbers and schedules increase time and expense necessary to prepare 

for the upcoming sport season. In addition, the $25 per child, per sport late fee is the only deterrent to having 

many hundreds of participants registering late which would be impossible to manage.


11: Q. Where do the profits from the concession stand go?

A. The profits from the concession stand at games stay within the Elvaton Recreation Association. The money is 

applied to the administrative budget to be allocated for future special projects for the organization, such as 

batting cages, goals, picnic pavilion, etc.


12: Q. What if I have questions or concerns about the coach?

A. Questions or concerns regarding a coach should first be brought to the attention of the coach. The next 

contact person would be that particular sports' commissioner (which is listed on the Officers & Directors). 

If answers are not satisfactory still, the next contact person would be the Sports' Director on the Elvaton 

Recreation's Board of Directors which can be obtained from the sports' commissioner.


13: Q. How do I sign my child up for a sports program?

A. Effective Spring 2014, ALL registrations will be  done online. Choosing Player Online Registration Form. 

On this website is listed the appropriate dates related to each sport.


14: Q. Can anyone sign up to participate in Elvaton Recreation Association sponsored programs?

A. The primary service area of the Organization is within the postal areas of Millersville, Glen Burnie, 

Pasadena, and Severna Park. The organization has programs for children's sports teams from the age of 

4 years to 18 years of age.


15: Q. Who do I call to find out if a sport facility is closed due to inclement weather?

A. Field/Facility closings can be found by visiting the Department of Recreation & Parks website 

at www.aacounty.org/recparks


16: Q. How much does an Elvaton Recreation Association sponsored sport cost?

A. Individual sports fees are listed on the website. In addition to the individual fees, an additional 

$35 annual family fee must be paid. Additional fees may be required for things such as special after 

season tournament fees and travel costs.