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Welcome to Hudson-Litchfield Bears Football! 


Youth Football is an exciting and fun sport that requires a tremendous commitment from both the parents and the participant. Our goal is to have a successful season in which children can experience being part of a team that learns together, plays together, and improves their basic skills while having fun. 

We have a dedicated head coaching staff that will motivate, communicate, and demonstrate leadership to the players, parents and their coaching staffs. A major goal for this year is to teach the players the skills they need to play football safely and develop their skills.




It is important to note that football is not a recreational sport and requires a lot of hard work and discipline. Children will be involved with approximately 50 practices, scrimmages, and eight games over the season. The coaching staff will assess each player capability, skill development and progress over the course of the year and will play manage the assignments in the best interest of the team.


HLYFC typically fields four or five teams. Children are assigned to team based on their age.


All participants are expected to participate in all practices, scrimmages, games and required HLYFC events (ie: Regionals, Nationals). Each team will have a head coach and a Team Mom that will work with the parents and coaching staff to address your specific questions. The parents are very important to our program and we encourage everyone to support your children at practice and the games. Parents are required to participate in supporting the program.


Please plan your family vacations for early summer. We only have four weeks of practice in August (or sometimes the last week of July AND August) to prepare and work with the children before our first game of the season. Missing practices in August will be a major set back in your child’s conditioning, gaining knowledge and developing basic football skills such as blocking & tackling, understanding and learning the plays and it has adverse impact on their team. Also, it could effect their playing time. Vacations do not constitute excused absences! Do not plan a vacation in August this year!


AUGUST (BEGINS July 30! ) Monday - Thurs 6pm-8:30pm
Hudson Memorial School
water breaks  not 
SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER  Tues & Thurs 6pm-8pm Hudson Memorial School water breaks not 


Football Assigned Positions


The Coaching Staff, based on their evaluation of each player will assign positions.  There are many factors that contribute to determining who will play each position.  Some of these factors include physical ability, experience, effort, attitude and attendance.  Positions are not permanent and the players will be continually evaluated throughout the season to be sure that they are being utilized in the best interest of the team.


Every child cannot play running back or quarterback.  Each team can have a maximum of 36 players and it is not feasible for each player to play every position.


Parents will not be allowed to determine what position their child will play.


Playing Time


HLYFC and NHYFC rules state that each player must receive a minimum number of plays per game.  This is known as the minimum play requirement (MPR).  The Head Coach will attempt to give each player the most amount of playing time possible based on his/her ability, attitude, practice efforts and attendance.  Each player will meet the MPR every game.

Parental Guidelines:


The following are some guidelines for parents:


  1. School is the children first priority. All players must maintain satisfactory grades (2.0 or greater) to participate in the program.
  2. Your child’s safety is our main concern. It is important that your child follow all instructions and wear the assigned equipment.
  3. It is recommended that all players wear cleats, but they are not mandatory.
  4. It is recommended that parents familiarize themselves with the program and additional parental requirements. The information can be found throughout this website and from board members and handouts
  5. All players must attend every practice except when they are sick or school activities take a priority. Children are not allowed to participate in another sport during the HLYFC season. Attendance is taken at every practice. In the event your child cannot make a practice, it is your responsibility to notify the head coach or team mom. Three unexcused practices may result in the removal of our child from the team.


Parental Conduct:


The coaching staff and board members have a code of ethics that they will abide by – it is expected that parents follow suit and set good examples for their children.


  1. Please be respectful of all coaches, players, referees and other parents.  It is important that we, as adults, set a good example of appropriate behavior for our children.
  2. If you are not part of the field crew then you are not allowed on the field.  This includes the practice field and the sidelines during games.
  3. Please do not coach from the sidelines.  Your child will be instructed in specific techniques and responsibilities by the coaching staff and they will be expected to perform according to those instructions.  If they abandon those instructions to follow yours then they will be letting their teammates down.


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