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The ABC’S of Cheerleading
Always be on time and have a good
Attitude in all you do and be
Accountable in your own actions
Be the Best cheerleader and person you can be
Courage, have it in the face of defeat and
Confidence in yourself
Character, it takes years to build it and mere seconds to destroy it, and most important is
Communicate with your coach and squad
Dependable, know that we can count on each other
Enthusiasm and Eagerness to do all that is asked of us and more
Faithful and Friends, the combination of these two words create a strong squad
Good Grades, these always come first
Honesty, how we believe in each other and
Hard work will account for everything else
Integrity & Intelligence, if you have the first one the second will follow in all you do
Just Cheer, need I say more
Kindness, to your fellow cheerleader/man
Loyalty, to your squad and the coach
Listen, to truly hear what is being said
Love for the sport (cheerleading)
Look your best and cheer your Loudest
Motivation, keep each other going through all the hard stuff(stunting)
Never quit or curse, quitters never win and winners never quit, the second speaks for itself
Open minds and hearts, open your mind to all possibilities and the second one will follow
Perfect practice makes Perfect when you have the Passion , need I say more
Quality, I believe this is more important than quantity
Responsible & Respectful, if we are always these, we are always winners
Strength, in body, mind and soul
Style, in everything else
Sportsmanship, to everyone we meet
Team, many bodies but only one HEART
Time, one thing you can never get back once it is wasted
Unity, ” United we stand, divided we fall"
Visualize & Vocalize, see what others can’t and say what others will not
Wisdom, to change the things I can and to understand the things I can not and to know the difference!
eXemplify, cheerleaders lead by example
Year, full of hard work, practices, games, car washes, parties, parades, friends, laughter, tears and to do all this with a SMILE
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Zero is the amount of tolerance I have for anyone who does not give their all.

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