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Code of Ethic's


1. The managers and coaches are first and foremost the leaders among the boys and girls. Their conduct and attitude should set a pattern, which will mold the ideal character for each and every boy and girl. Clean play, sportsmanship, and the enjoyment of play should be stressed over winning games.

2. The managers and coaches should provide the opportunity for as many boys and girls as possible to play rather than to develop outstanding championship teams. They should be impartial in their judgment and give personal attention to each boy and girl.

3. They should be thoroughly acquainted with the Official Rules of Greater Cincinnati Knothole Baseball as well as the District 28 Knothole Rules.

4. Managers and coaches should strive to promote Knothole Baseball through regular attendance at meetings, friendly relations with other managers and coaches, and be well informed in regard to Knothole regulations and procedures. They should never abuse the privileges of being a Knothole manager or coach.

5. They should attempt to teach responsibility for equipment, backstops, care of grounds and the prevention of vandalism to baseball fields.

6. They should instruct their teams that the umpire is in complete charge of the ball games, and that no unnecessary riding or heckling of the umpire or the other team will be tolerated. This is also true of the parents and fans attending the games.

7. The managers and coaches should endeavor to raise the standard of all players on their teams to the highest level in sportsmanship and in fair play. Teach the players to “Win Without Boasting - Lose Without Alibis.”

8. Managers and coaches should encourage and promote Knothole Baseball through the parents, businessmen, civic groups, and friends. They should always remember that Knothole Baseball is non-sectarian, non-commercial, and non-political.

9. Any managers or coaches found consuming alcoholic beverage during a game shall forfeit that game. Any player found consuming alcoholic beverage should be removed from the game.

10. All managers and coaches by entering a team in the league hereby agree to accept this code of ethics.

2010 District 28 Knothole Rules amended for 2012


2012 season

Umpires for A - $40.00 per team
Umpires for B2 - $15.00 per team
Umpires for B1 - $15.00 per team
Umpires for C - $15.00 per team
Umpires for D - $15.00 per team

All games, with the exception of A will use only one umpire per game. The league will assign all umpires. If no league umpire shows, a person can be selected from the stands. Both managers must agree on the person and the game will be official. If no agreement can be reached, the game will be rescheduled.


A - $50.00 + $50.00
B2 - $50.00 + $50.00
B1 - $50.00 + $50.00
C2 - $50.00 + $50.00
C1 - $50.00 + $50.00
D2 - $50.00 + $50.00
D1 - $50.00 + $50.00

FORFEIT FEE: A team will pay a forfeit fee when entry fee is paid at the beginning of the season. The money will be refunded less any amount charged to that team. The home team must notify the umpire chief two hours before game time if game is canceled or moved, so the umpire can be notified if visiting team cannot make the game. It is that manager’s responsibility to call the home team manager. If the umpire is not canceled it will cost responsible team half of its forfeit fee.

Any organization dropping a team must turn those players back to the league. If that organization has another team in that class a drawing will be held with the players from the dropped team to fill out the other team. No player from the existing team may be cut to make room for players from the dropped team.

All make up games scheduled before June 8th, 2010 must be played by June 17th, 2010. Games scheduled between June 8th and June 30th must be made up before a team can go to any tournament. Any game not played may be a forfeit for both teams and loss of forfeit fee.


1. All players’ shirts must be numbered. No player will be permitted to use metal spikes except in Class A.

2. Any team winning by 10 or more runs may NOT steal any base or home plate until the lead drops below 10 runs at any point during the game.

3. Pitching rubbers are mandatory.

4. Pitcher shall be removed from the mound when manager and/or coach makes two (2) trips to the mound in one inning. The same rule shall apply in classes A and B. In classes C and D the pitcher shall be removed upon the third trip to the mound. Except during an official time out called by the umpire. A pitcher may only pitch the number of innings that his game is scheduled per outing and then MUST TAKE THREE nights rest. A pitcher that comes in and picks off a runner without throwing a pitch will NOT count as an inning. Any manager that lets a pitcher go over the allotted number of innings will be suspended for two games for the first offense. On the second offense the suspension will be for one (1) year.

5. Batting Options: All teams in Class D, C and B-1 must roster bat their ENTIRE lineup. Teams may elect to use a match rule if one of the teams has fewer players. Example, team A has 15 players and team B has 12. Team A may choose to roster bat 12 to MATCH team B, however the 3 remaining players MUST be substituted into the lineup to bat at least once. The Match rule only applies to the batting order; there will still be unlimited defensive substitutions. Re-entry rules apply to the batting order for teams that elect to use the Match rule.

6. Batting Options for Class A and B-2: Teams may elect to bat 9 players or 10 players with an AH, re-entry rules apply to these two options. In addition, teams may elect to roster bat but the match rule DOES NOT apply in Class A or B-2.

7. Class D (American) if a throw by a fielder goes out of play, each base runner will be awarded one (1) base from his position at the time of the throw.

8. Class D (American) players may not steal any base or home plate. Players are not allowed to lead off of any base until the ball is hit. There will be no dropped third strike rule. A half inning is over when a team scores four runs. (This rule applies only in the first four (4) innings.) (All games will be (5) innings and each player will play.) The Board of Directors will assign players to teams to bring them to 20 players. A pitcher may pitch only three (3) innings or to twenty (20) batters, whichever occurs last. In Class D (American) only, selection of players will be by draft only, to be held within each team sign-up, except if the player played T-ball for the same organization last year in District 28. This draft, to be held under supervision of League Directors, all excess players returned to league for placement on teams. Sliding is allowed in Class D (American). You may steal bases the last two scheduled games of the season. There will be no stealing of home plate. All players present at the game will be put into the batting order. If a player is late for the game, they’ll be added at the end of the batting order. If a player cannot continue in a game, their spot in the lineup is left open and is not an out.

9. Class D (National) - All games will be six (6) innings and each player will play at least two (2) complete innings in the field and bat at least once. If a team is ahead by 7 runs in a game, no player may steal ANY base or home plate until the difference in runs is less than 7. A half inning is over when a team scores four runs. (This rule applies only in the first four innings). All players present at the game will be put into the batting order. If a player is late for the game, they’ll be added at the end  of the batting order. If a player cannot continue in a game, their spot in the lineup is left open and is not an out. Amendment, the first 5 innings of play will be 4 runs or 3 outs (whichever is comes First) and the 6th Inning must be 3 outs.

10. D (National), C (National), C (American) & B (American) games will consist of six (6) innings. Team with the lesser number of players must bat entire roster. Team with the greatest number of players may bat entire roster or match team with the lesser number of players. If a player is late for the game, that player must be placed at the end of the batting order unless the match rule applies. If a player cannot continue in a game their spot in the lineup is left open and not an out. All players must play 2 innings in the field and bat once. Failure to comply is loss of game plus a one (1) game suspension for the manager.

11. In Class B, C, & D second year teams will play in National League and first year team will play in American League. Age limits and divisions are:
12 . for D Sr. and D Jr. After 4th Inning 10 run rule applies and after the 4th Inning discresion is to the Umpire, and both Coach



CLASS AAII8U- YOUTH BORN ON OR AFTER MAY 1, 1993                                                                                           CLASS A SR/15U - YOUTH BORN ON OR AFTER MAY 1, 1996                                                                                         - YOUTH BORN ON OR AFTER MAY 1, 1997 - YOUTH BORN ON OR AFTER MAY 1, 1998 - YOUTH BORN ON OR AFTER MAY 1, 1999 - YOUTH BORN ON OR AFTER MAY 1, 2000 - YOUTH BORN ON OR AFTER MAY 1, 2001 - YOUTH BORN ON OR AFTER MAY 1, 2002 - YOUTH BORN ON OR AFTER MAY 1, 2003

In order to participate in the 2012 season, a player must attain the age of six on or before April 30, 2012.
A certified record of birth date must accompany the agreement of any player whose birthday is not on record in

12. Upon request a manager must furnish to the league officials a copy of the player’s birth certificate within forty- eight (48) hours.

13. A game is considered official if one team is ahead by ten (10) runs, in five (5) complete innings in Class A, four (4) complete innings in Class B, C & D. Game can continue with the agreement of both managers, if time is not a factor.

14. Personnel on the field or bench during a game shall be limited to: twenty (20) players, one (1) manager, two (2) coaches, one (1) scorer, and one (1) batboy, at the minimum age of 10 years old. During a disputed play, only one person (manager or coach) may speak to an umpire at any time.

15. Each manager is responsible for the conduct of his players and coaches. Managers and coaches are responsible for assisting the umpire in controlling the fans. Failure to do so, the game will be suspended. The game will be either rescheduled or forfeited by the League Supervisor.

16. Protest will be made according to the National League, Greater Cincinnati Knothole and District No. 28 Rules and must be filed with a league official within twenty-four (24) hours. Filing cost will be $15.00. Money will be refunded if protest is allowed. Protest board will consist will consist of three persons not involved in that class or organization of protesting.

17. Any team that forfeits two or more games may be removed from the league for the remainder of the season at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

18. The home team will be responsible for make-up games. The home manager will contact the opposing manager to arrange mutual and satisfactory date. If after forty-eight (48) hours the home team has not contacted the visiting team, the visiting team is to call the league Supervisor and he can reschedule the game. The only reason for postponement will be weather or darkness. Due to shortage of fields, the supervisor will reschedule games with the next field opening if the teams do not rescheduled within forty-eight (48) hours, which means you will have the possibility of playing back-to-back games. The league will assign all umpires. Contact Dave Epplen at 859-331-1177 or 859-640-2031 to reschedule umpires and report no shows.

19. (a) Games stopped by weather conditions or darkness will become suspended games. The game will be played from point of suspension. See Rule No. 15. Losing manager has the option to finish the game or call it a complete game. This option must be decided at the time of the suspension.
(b) Games will be stopped and a 20-minute delay will be enforced from the time of the last visible lightning strike. If time restrictions become a factor, the game may be suspended.

20. Any teams being formed will be given three (3) players from the pool at the discretion of the league supervisor. The rest of the players will come through the draft. All team must have a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 20 players

RECRUITMENT: Managers and/or coaches shall not recruit players for their teams. Deviations from this rule shall be disciplined at the supervisor’s discretion, i.e., a one-year suspension from Knothole participation in the District 28 area. The release form, to be provided by the league supervisor, will be given to the managers and he must release any player wanting to be released within twenty-four (24) hours. The board of directors will assign the player. The draft will operate in the following manner. The player will name three (3) eligible teams he would like to play for. A number will be assigned to each of the three (3) teams. Those numbers will be put in a hat and the one drawn out is the one he must play for. Draft meetings will be held at the discretion of the league supervisor. Any player who has ever played in District 28 and wants to change or re-enter the league must go through the pool. A player may not be cut from your team to pick up a new player. A player may re-enter the league and go back to the team he or she left.

(a) Manager of any player not returning to the team from the previous year must notify District in writing by March 17th. Failure to comply could result in manager’s one-year suspension from the league.
(b) Any organization dropping a team must turn those players back to the league. If that organization has another team in that class a drawing will be held with the players from that dropped team to fill out the other team. No player from the existing team may be cut to make room for players from the dropped team.
(c) Any player not going to the team they have drawn in the draft will result in the team with the illegal player given a loss for every game the illegal player participated in. Managers and organizations will be notified by the board that they have an illegal player. Failure to comply may result in one-year suspension from the league for that manager.

21. Any team in D or C will be warned two times for throwing the bat. The third time the player will be ejected from the game. Any team in A or B will be given no warning and can be ejected at the umpire’s discretion.

22. PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Players must wear required protective equipment. Catchers must wear protective headgear, mask and throat guard. Any player warming up pitcher on the playing field must wear a mask. Protective cups are required for male catchers. Batters and runners must wear helmets with double ear flaps. Failure and refusal of players to wear proper protective equipment resulting in delay of game (10 minutes maximum time) can result in forfeiture of game.

A. Winning and losing managers have 48 hrs to submit scores via the website, , by going to online forms then clicking on Game Results Form or by e-mailing Don Catchen at This will allow us to maintain accurate information on the website.

B. Litter Rule: Upon completion of each game, all players must pick up all litter in the area of the team benches. The district supervisor will enforce this rule. No glass containers allowed on any baseball fields.

C. Home team is responsible for bases, pitching rubber, and first game ball (new). Visiting team is responsible for playable second ball.

D. Manager and organizations are responsible for financial responsibility. All money due to the league must be paid by June 1st. Seven days prior to June 1st, teams will be notified by registered mail. If June 1st debts are not satisfied, all games will be forfeited.

E. All teams must complete District 28 Knothole schedule before playing in a sanction baseball tournament. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of all games not played.
F. All contracts have to be in three (3) days before season starts. Contracts are to be turned in to League Supervisor and only the League Supervisor. Failure to do so will mean forfeit of game.

G. Managers have the right to take disciplinary action against any player who fails to attend regularly scheduled practices and scheduled games without authorization. The League Supervisor must approve any disciplinary action against said player. If a player needs discipline, he can be set down for the game if the umpire is told before the game starts and the Executive Supervisor is to be notified one day before the game is to be played.

H. All rain out games are to be made-up in the order they were scheduled.

20. SUPERVISOR: During the regular season, each District Supervisor and the board is authorized to schedule games, regulate activities, decide protests and disputes, and render all necessary decisions on above rules and situations not mentioned. National League Official Playing Rules are the standard of Knothole Club of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. and will govern in all baseball activities except wherein rules of Knothole Club take precedence. An individual district may alter, modify or add to these rules providing the rules are not in direct conflict with Knothole rules written and deposited at Knothole Headquarters and sanctioned by rules Committee before the season starts. In case of a wet field and both teams show up, both managers and the umpire must agree that the field is playable. All three must agree or the game will not be played. If a manager does not have enough players present, he will not have a say on whether or not the field is playable.
* The Rules Committee, Greater Cincinnati Knothole Association for the 2006 season, has approved these Special Rules.

Pitching Distance: A 60 ft., 6 in, B 54 ft., C 48 ft., D 45 ft. Base Distance: A 90 ft., B 80 ft., C 70 ft., D 60 ft.

21. The Board of Directors may assign players to teams up to twenty (20) players maximum in all classes.

22. Any player who played up in class in 2009 with approval from the directors of District 28 will be allowed to stay with their team in 2010. Any player wishing to stay down in their age group must remain in the organization they belong to or go through the draft, and may never play up again.

23. In classes B2 & A, an AH (alternate hitter) may be used. This will give you a 10 player batting order with 9 players in the field. The 10th player may play any position at any time and will not be charged for entering or re-entering the game. He must stay in the same batting line-up. If you start the game with a 10 player batting order you must finish the game with 10 player batting order. Once the game starts you cannot change from 10 to 9 or 9 to 10. Class A and B-2 may roster bat as well, see rule 6.

24. If a manager or coach is ejected from a game, they must sit out the next scheduled game.

T-Ball (Instructional Baseball) Rules

1. T-Ball is solely for the purpose of instruction. It is a non-competitive program. There are will be patches provided. Every manager and coach should keep in mind that the purpose of this program is to teach the players to play baseball and how to conduct themselves in a fair and good sportsmanlike manner. To teach the players how to do this, each and every manager and coach must conduct themselves in a fair and good sportsmanlike manner. There are no league standings.

Pitchers Mound: 45’
Base Distance: 60’
Game: 5 innings
Season: 12 games

3. Entry fee: $50.00.

4. There is a limit of twenty (20) players per team. If you have twenty (20) players on a team you must play ten (10) players at a time.

5. All players will be placed on the batting line-up; Roster Bat

6. Gym shoes only. No metal or rubber spikes.

7. Each player must have a hat and a t-shirt with a number. Full uniforms are not allowed.

8. Method of batting: The players will bat from the T in all games except the last four (4) games. The last four (4) games the coach can pitch to the batters.

9. On second year T-Ball the coach must pitch to the batters.

10. If batting from the T, six (6) swings will be allowed. If a fair ball is not hit in six (6) pitches, the batter is out. If the batter swings and misses the ball and the T three (3) times, the batter is out. Six (6) swings or three (3) strikes.

11. When coaches are pitching, the batter is allowed six (6) pitches or three (3) swinging strikes. In either case, there are no more than six (6) pitches.

12. Any ball hit that does not travel at least twenty (20) feet in any direction from the batter is a foul ball. An arc from foul line to foul line will be marked on the field prior to the game. (Distance approximate)

13. The offensive team (batting team) will be allowed one coach for each base including home plate.

14. The defensive team (fielding team) will be allowed two coaches. One coach at first base and the other at third base.

15. When batting on the T or coaches pitching there can be up to ten (10) players on the field, with a player at the pitcher’s position and catcher’s position. Each catcher must have full equipment according to D league Knothole regulations.

16. There will be no sliding, stealing or leading off the base.

17. There will be no bunting.

18. There is no dropped third strike rule.

19. There is no infield fly rule.

20. A base runner can advance only when the ball is hit.

21. On an overthrow to any base the runners will advance only to the base he is going to. Extra bases on an error will not be permitted.

22. If a base runner runs into a fielder attempting to make a tag, it will be up to the discretion of the umpire if it was deliberate or accidental. If determined to be deliberate, the runner is out.

23. A half inning will be ended when the batting team accumulates four runs or three outs, which ever comes first.

24. Players (5 years old) born between 5-1-03 to 10-1-04 may play in T-1. Players (6 years old) born between 5-1-02 to 10-1-03 can play in T-1 or T-2. Players (7 years old) born between 5-1-01 to 10-1-02 must play in T-2.

25. If the are any discrepancies in a ballgame, it will be the responsibility of both managers to discuss the problem in an orderly manner and reach a solution agreeable to both managers. This must be done with no serious delay of the game. Since T-Ball is not furnished official umpires, it must be up to the managers to keep the game running smoothly.

26. There are no protests in this program.

27. Any manager or coach which is reported for unfair sportsmanlike conduct or who is accused of not handling the game in the designed spirit of T-Ball, may be suspended if the other T-Ball managers and coaches vote to do such.

28. Batter gets the base he is going to when the ball is touched.

29. All other basic rules of baseball will be followed.

30. If your team plays all of its games and the manager turns in their winning score cards within forty-eight (48) hours after the game, then you will receive your forfeit fee back after the season is over.