Team Fundraising Opportunities

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Fund Raising Opportunities

It is Lightning Basketball's desire that player fees do not create a hardship on any family.  To that end we have established the fund raising opportunities below.  If you would like to know more, please contact the individual indicated.




 The Smart Card

Purchase for $4, sell for $20.  Buy one, get one style discounts and dozens of Omaha Businesses.  See for details on discounts provided.  

Contact Amy Gleason for additional details.     402-707-3963   402-707-3963

Image result for old chicago pizza site   Old Chicago Pizza Pals Cards

Each card is worth one large pizza up to a $25 value.  Players may sell these cards to friends, families, neighbors, etc.  Cards are sold for $11.  Each card sold earns the player $5 toward their fees.

Contact Amy Gleason for additional details.     402-707-3963




Image result for Younkers     Younkers Day Coupon Books

Younkers Community Day coupon booklets are available to sell at the Younkers store at Oakview Mall from now until February 22, as well as to friends and family. Each booklet is sold for $5.00 and 100% of the money raised is profit. If Lightning is one of the top selling organizations, we will be invited to sell Community Day booklets during the actual Community Days November 8-11.

Contact Ingrid Fern for additional details.     402-517-8884



 Image result for wreath Christmas Wreaths

These are premium evergreen balsam wreaths, door sprays, and garland from Northern Minnesota. They have a red Christmas ribbon, pinecone accent, and hanger. These items are pre-ordered (payment is due when order is placed) and profit ranges from $6-15, depending on the item. You will need to pick up and deliver them to your customers, usually during the second or third week of November.  

October 24th is the deadline to turn in order forms and money.

Order forms and brochures may be downloaded from our "Lightning Forms" page.

 Contact Amy Gleason for additional details.     402-707-3963



Image result for your name here  Website Sponsorships

If you know someone with a business that would like to advertise, this is a great option since sponsorships are 100% profit for you. Sponsorship forms for you to print out are on Lightning's website (  Download the sponsorship form from our "Lightning Forms" page.  

Contact Trey Swanson for additional details.     402-350-0890



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