January 25, 2016

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Season!

  • Complete the online registration form 
  • Contact Coach Peters for questions about the program and registration
  • Register online and you will receive an automated confirmation upon submission
  • You will contacted to confirm your evaluation appointment
  • You may choose to the "practice only" option or team option
  • Your initial payment will cover your first month's participation 
  • Payments are non-refundable

Coed 9u ~ $125.00/month including 2 practices/week and 1 shootout/month

Boys 12u, 13u, and 14u, ~ $125.00/month including 2 practices/week and 1-2 tournaments/month


Girls grades 6-8 ~ $125/month includes 1 weekend practice and 1 tournament/month; events may increase in the summer

$100.00 uniform fee applies to new players only

Tournaments are selected by Coach Murray and Coach Peters, with every effort made to get the best times possible

Our coaches communicate with parents and players directly regarding practices and games, with initial times posted on our website. We go through great lengths to confirm tournaments and shootouts early, however, sometimes events and changed or cancelled for lack of teams. Your primary communication will be with your coach.  




  • We are privately owned, funded, licensed, insured, and legally represented entities, which reserve the right to refuse registration fees, documents, or business services for any reason other than race, religion, gender, or ethnic background.
  • Only authorized staff are permitted to use name(s), letterhead, logos, and slogans for the purposes of advertisement, forms, social media, etc. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  • All forms must be completed and submitted by a legal guardian in order to be valid. Your application will serve as a valid contract, good for one year from the date received. Parents must notify Coach Peters of any changes in personal information.



  • Northview Middle School, 1401 Highland Ave, Duarte, 91010, gym entrance on Central Avenue
  • Fierce Athletics Facility, 10838 Bell Court, Rancho Cucamonga, 91730 
  • Duarte High School,1565 E. Central Ave., Duarte, 91010



  • This is a competitive year-round basketball program with financial commitment(s).
  • Small children must be accompanied at all times and horseplay is not allowed.
  • Only coaches, administrators, and athletes are allowed on the playing surface.
  • Spectators must be seated in the bleachers (unless a disability prevents them from doing so) or any lower level seating where available.
  • Electronic devices must be used outside and conversations must be kept at a minimum to limit distractions during practice sessions.
  • The coach, with the approval of the administration, will hold closed practices where he/she sees fit. Notification will be done by the coach and posted on the website and our Facebook page.
  • There is no spokesperson, team mom, or team dad. 
  • Parents/legal guardians will not be allowed to “fill in” as a coach or instructor or assume any duties of the head coach.
  • Parents/legal guardians must adhere to all tournament rules including entering the playing area due to injury, spectator seating near and around team benches, and parking restrictions at colleges and universities.
  • Practice days and times are based on openings on the school''s master calendar.
  • Practices are not scheduled on game days, however, coaches schedule pre-game reviews when time is available.
  • In extreme conflicts, teams may split the court or combine practices if necessary. NO COACH IS PERMITTED TO USE A FACILITY OUTSIDE OF THE ADMINISTRATION''S APPROVED. 



All coaches are interviewed, screened, and paid based on the following main criteria:

    • Years of experience (head coach, assistant coach, player, or administrator)
    • Ability to teach the concepts required by the executive directors
    • Level of energy and enthusiasm
    • Identifying areas of weakness and promoting areas of strengths(individual and team)
    • Reinforcement of the overall guidelines of the program
    • Punctuality at practice, games, and meetings
    • Ability to conduct structured age-appropriate practices with minimal supervision
    • Establishing open lines of communications with staff, student-athletes, and parents
    • Meeting with parents on a regular basis 
    • Inviting new student-athletes to attend an evaluation

Coaches are monitored and evaluated during practices and games. Each coach should have a practice plan to maintain structure, order, discipline, and boundaries. The items being taught should be reflected during competition that every student-athlete should be able to demonstrate. Any adjustments to the coaching staff or team roster are done by the executive staff.  All coaches are required to attend regularly scheduled meetings for updates and modifications to the overall program.



  • Student-athletes will represent the program and their families in the proper manner at all times
  • Jewelry, possible harmful body piercings, long nails or head attire not part of the uniform is prohibited
  • Profanity, abusive language, and gambling is prohibited
  • Proper uniform and proper hygiene is required at every event
  • Bring all necessary medical aids and supplies (braces, wraps, goggles, inhalers, water bottle, etc.) at every event (game or practice)



  • Use of city and/or school property is based on the integrity and character of the parties associated with Prodigy/Prodigy Athletic Institute/Prodigy Athletic Training/Prodigy BBC.
  • Individuals will be held personally liable for the destruction of said property and may be restricted from all events.
  • The California Department of Education prohibits pets of any kind inside facilities unless these are use by individuals with a disability



  • Fees are due by the designated date. $10.00 late fee will apply after the due date as of April 1, 2017.
  • Make payable checks payable to the appropriate entity or using the online payment link
  • Memo your check with the player's name
  • No post-dated checks
  • Any rejected payment (returned check, NSF online) will result in a $50.00 fee due and payable in cash along with your original amount due at the next available practice. 
  • Refunds policy: extreme injury that prevents the athlete from participation; must be requested within five days of payment; must be in writing; must be accompanied by a note from a licensed physician.
  • Credits only submitted by the director of operations, and with the approval of the executive director. We will consider high school commitments and tournament scheduling.