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The Reed Custer Knights 1st year in the IKWF was the fall of 1998. The founder and first coach of the Reed Custer Knights was Donovan Marschner, a graduate and state placer of Reed Custer High School. Coach Marschner's dedication set up the success the Knights have experienced over the last 5 years. Under Coach Marschner, Mike Letton Jr. was the club's 1st state qualifier in the 99/2000 season. Other kids on the team were Regional Champs that year as well, but because record keeping didn't begin until the 2001 season, some of the information was lost. The Reed Custer Knight's program continues to grow and improve every year. We teach moral values, dedication, and hard work is the success to good wrestling. The team's conduct and accomplishments speak to clearly to this philosophy. With pride in our program and kids, WE ARE THE REED CUSTER KNIGHTS!

20 Wins

Derek Albin 21 – 7

Chase Fisher 20 – 13
Jacob Jedryck 20 – 8
20 Wins
30 Wins
40 Wins
Derek Albin 28 – 12
Billy Chancey 30 – 11 Zach Speed 42 - 10
Carli Angone 20 – 22
Chase Fisher 31 - 13  
Matt Engel 23 – 11
Mike Roberts 21 – 6
Shane Speed 20 – 5

Regional Champs Sectional Placers Jr. State Placers State Placers
  Matt Engel Chase Fisher 2nd Derek Albin 4th  
  Jacob Jedryck   Tom Breen 5th  
      Chase Fisher 8th  
      Jacob Jedryck 8th  
2002 Regional Champs Sectional Placers Jr. State Placers State Placers
  Derek Albin Derek Albin 2nd Derek Albin 6th  
  Alyssa Boyer Chase Fisher 2nd (IGWA) Carli Angone 1st  
  Chase Fisher Zach Speed 2nd Billy Chancey 5th  
  Shane Speed   Chase Fisher 8th  
  Michael Underwood   Mike Roberts 5th  
      Zach Speed 4th  

Most pins 2001
Most pins 2002
Club Rookie of the Year
Derek Albin 15
Chase Fisher 25
Zach Boyer, Junior 2002
Zach Speed 13
Zach Speed 25
Mike Underwood, Bantam 2002
Nick Jedryck 13
Billy Chancey 20
Undefeated (more than 15 Matches)
Highest State placer
Shane Speed 21-0 (2001)
Derek Albin 4th (2001)
Zach Speed 4th (2002)


Bantam State 2007

Jacob Painter 1st Place
Dylan Tidmore 3rd Place
Billy Floyd 4th Place
Austin Peters 4th Place