Last Updated: March 18, 2015

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Uniform Return

Please check your e-mail for information about returning your cheerleader's uniform (vest and skirt).  

Uniform return date is Saturday, December 6th, 9-11 am, at the Pottle Street field.  We'll be near the shed, by the field in the back.  This will be the ONLY opportunity for uniforms to be returned.  It is your responsibility to get your uniform back to us on this date. 

 The vest and skirt will be looked at before you receive your deposit check back so her are a few reminders:

 ~Launder your vest and skirt prior to returning it so it's clean and can be worn next season by you or another cheerleader.  Wash in cold water, gentle cycle, lie flat to dry (do NOT put it in the dryer).

 ~Fold it neatly (please do not return on a hanger or in a bag)

 ~Be sure you made NO alterations to it (moving a button IS ok)

 ~If you are unable to return the uniform on this date, it's important that you ask another cheerleader, family member, friend or neighbor to help you out (Again, this will be the ONLY date and place to return your uniform.)

 ~Deposit checks WILL be cashed if your uniform is not returned (clean and/or unaltered) on this date.  We would rather have the uniform than your money, just as we're sure you'd rather have your money than the uniform. 


As always, if you have ANY questions, please contact me or Jen.  We'll be in touch soon about awards night and registration for the 2015 season!

Cheer Motions

Basic Cheer Motions that ALL cheerleaders should practice and know by name for camp in July.

2014 Cheer Information

2014 - Information for Parents

Do you have questions about the SLYFC cheerleading program?  General Information about try-outs, stunt clinics, practices, approximate costs, etc. are in the attached document (link above).  This is "FYI" only as information does change and is updated throughout the season.

The SLYFC cheerleading program is open to children in grades 2 through 8 (squads are based on the grade you are entering in the Fall, not your age).  We love seeing our returning cheerleaders and are excited to have new cheerleaders join us, whether you're entering grade 2 or grade 8!  Previous experience is not necessary to participate in our program - we'll help you to learn what you need to know!  If you would like to be considered for a varsity squad, a try-out is required (April 14-17, KES).   We will have 'stunt clinics' in the Spring as well as a 3 day camp in the summer (we do consider this mandatory and there is an additional fee for it).

The Cheer season is August - November and includes practices, cheering at games, performing a routine at half-time, and participating in competitions.  

The "levels" are Mites (grades 2-4), PeeWees (grades 5-6) and Midgets (grades 7-8).  Depending upon our registration numbers, we will have both a varsity and JV squad per level.  Each squad is coached by a head coach (adult), 2-3 junior assistant coaches (youth who have 'graduated' from our own program!), and often an assistant coach (adult). 

If you have any questions, please contact Joanne Jones, Head Cheer Coordinator, or Jennifer Ingersoll, Assistant Cheer Coordinator, through the "Contact Info" page on the left.

Cheerleader "Check-list"

Tips on how to be a "Great Cheerleader!" here

Being a Cheerleader and what you can Learn

As coaches and coordinators, there is so much we teach the kids and so much more they take from this program outside of the actual mechanics of cheer.
  • RESPECT yourselves and others
  • PERSEVERE and stick with things - progress is slow but it comes
  • be POSITIVE young ladies, value yourselves
  • SHARE your abilities
  • HELP your peers
  • TEACH the things you know
  • BE a positive leader in your COMMUNITY
 (Thank you Coach Maryann!)