2018 Spring / Summer Registration Is open:

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Southridge JBO Programs:

  • Midget Level (3rd-4th graders) $385
  • Junior Level (5th-6th graders)  $385
  • Senior Level (8th-9th graders) $385

       * Pay 50% now & 50 % later by entering payment coupon code:  50Now50Later

 Southridge JBO:

  • We are a direct feeder program for Southridge HS. 
  • Teams are structured by age and by skill level ,providing the best path for development for all players
  • Our teams will play against other metro JBO feeder programs: (Aloha, Sherwood, Hillsboro, Westview, Sunset, Beaverton, Mountainside)
  • Teams have a 50/50 Balance between games & practice/development (2 x games & 2 x practices per week)
  • JBO plays HS rules
  • JBO fields grow as the boys mature providing the framework for a smooth transition to a full size field
    • 3-4th graders = 45' mound / 60' bases
    • 5-6th graders = 50' mound / 70 bases
    • 7-8th graders = 60' mound / 90' bases
  • Post Season:
    • Teams with a .500 or better record are able to compete in the Westside JBO district tournament.
    • The top 3 teams out of Districts qualified to compete in the Oregon JBO Championship tournament.
  • Dues include jersey, hat along with winter/spring workouts at Southridge HS facilities.

                                                              Our focus for the boys is simple....

           Develop & Prepare them to play baseball at Southridge HS, not a parent selected All-Star team


Please contact us with any questions.