Last Updated: March 22, 2015

Interleague Risk Managment Procedure

Coaches information/ Risk Management

Tuesday September 2nd. 7:30- 9:00 PM - Ronkonkoma Middle School Cafeteria

Coaches meeting are mandatory for all Intramural and Interleague coaches & assistant coaches.
At this meeting, rules, regulations and requirements will be discussed & team rosters and schedules will be handed out.
Risk Management - is MANDATORY for all Intramural and travel team Coaches & Assistant Coaches, please click the link below once it has been confirmed you will be coaching this season.  A team roster will not be released until confirmation of successful completion is given to our risk management coordinator or the division coordinator.

This following link will open a new window similar to the CYSL registration system. Since this system is NOT linked to CYSL's Sports Signup registration system you will need to create an new account on your first visit. Once you have created your account please follow the simple on screen instructions and complete your background check. A $10.00 payment is required to complete the background check.
For INTRAMURAL & TRAVEL Risk Management completion:
"Risk management" is a mandatory background check all CYSL adult volunteers must perform and is also required by the Easter New York Youth Soccer Association,  Long Island Junior Soccer league as well as our insurance carrier. For additional information related to risk management, please click the following link.
For additional information related to the safety & security of the information you provide to ENYYSA as part of the backgrounnd check, please click the following link . Word - ENYYSA Privacy Statement.pdf
Inter-League Coaches DO NOT use this link, please contact the Inter-league coordinator at  for information and details. 


2014 Connetquot Youth Soccer League Coach Sportsmanship Award recipients. 


Emily Ward                Assistant Coach Division 3 Jellyfish

John Rambold           Assistant Coach Division 4 Tigers

Ilia Alam                    Coach Division Boys 5/6 Timbers

Cynthia Vigalante     Coach Division Girls 5/6 Reign

Tom Donnelly            Assistant Coach Division 7/8 France

Ray Markowski-        Coach Interleague Jaguars

Joe Urraro                 Coach- Travel  Thunder

2013 Connetquot Youth Soccer League Coach Sportsmanship Award recipients.
Sunday June 9 2013

Brian Kelly -     Coach Division 3
Ralph DeRosa- Coach Interleague 
Tom Lorigan-   Coach Division 5/6
Ray Ribeiro -    Coach Division 7/8/9
Steve Moulton  Coach Division 4 
John DiLeone-   Assistant Coach- Travel  
Hugo Maldonado- 2012/2013 Connetquot Youth Soccer Heart & Soul Award receipient
2012 Connetquot Youth Soccer League Coach Sportsmanship Award recipients.
Sunday June 10,2012

Kelly Pena -Board Member
Ted Imbasciani- Coach Division 7/8/9
Pat Friel- Coach Division 5/6
Jeff Francisquini- Coach Division 3
Ken Aurelio- Assistant Coach Division 4
Byron Young- Coach InterLeague- T-Birds
Benny Calderone CYSL- President
Not Shown- Boris Maldonado- Assistant Coach Travel - Red Bull's 
Terri McNamee Treasurer and recipient of 2012 CYSL Heart & Soul award.

5 Goal Rule

The five goal rule is an established guideline that we follow in all CYSL intramural program divisions and is mandated for all players and coaches in the Suffolk Soccer Interleague program.
To view the complete document for the CYSL intramural program, please visit the polices and documents tab of our website.
The intent is simple, we are here to have fun-  all games are scrimmages NOT World Cup matches.
We are dealing with youth players NOT professionals!


Off Sides Videos

Offsides will NOT be called in our Interleague Division.  CYSL does not enforce offsides penalties in any intramural (in-house) division.
The following links will direct you away from the CYSL website to YouTube
Short Version

Training Tips



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