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September 2012 Board Minutes
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 July 10, 2012

Board Members:  Jason Watson, Steve Scaggs, Jenn Scaggs, Scott Donaldson, Dawn Hensley, Brandon Weisbrodt

Meeting Attendance: Tommy Guenther, Jennifer Weitlauf, Shenay Stepp, Erin Siccurella, Jerry Black, Stacy Burnson, Andy Vest, Greg Hellman, Jenn Scaggs, Steve Scaggs, Scott Donaldson, Jason Watson, Rob Maham, Rusty Beatty, Dawn Hensley, Brian Hensley, Luke Berger, Ashley Brock

·         Call to Order

·         Scott – Treasurer

o   Deposits Made

o   Insurance Paid

o   Riddell Paid

o   All- Star Paid

o   Motion to Accept – Steve; 2nd – Jenn

·         League Meeting

o   July 29th at Township Hall 1-3pm

o   All Head Coaches Mandatory; Assistant Coaches Recommended

·         Weigh-In Schedule being worked on for August 18-19

o   Batavia most likely will be first on Saturday

o   Starting at 9am

o   Scales close at 6 pm Sunday

§ Weigh-ins must be within certain weight to be able to reweigh

§ Rule Books, Coaches code, and player agreements

§ Cheerleaders not required-just paperwork

·         NAYS – Due August 18th

·         Background checks due by end of 1st week of practice

o   After first week, no coach is able to participate until the current report is received

o   Motion to accept – Jenn, 2nd – Steve

Old Business

·         New Practice Field – not ready for use due to condition of field (too hard)

o   Have permission to use school equipment to ready field – will move when ready for use

·         Coaches Clinic – Steve

o   Wanted to get together as a group

o   Wanted to know if coaches want it again

o   Doesn’t want to force it in case no one wants to do it

§ Round table option?

o   Clerical information can in handled in 20 minutes

o   Coaches fundamentals – liked

o   Decided to hold a voluntary clinic August 4th – TBD pending Bowl game

§ Cheer Coaches at CIA

o   Bowl game Sycamore – August 4th – times TBD

·         Pictures

o   Pre-registration suggested for Monday

§ August 7, 14, 28, September 3, 16 are all Available

·         Decided for August 14th

o   Pre-Registration – August 13th


·         Equipment Handouts

o   Not going to be on a weeknight

§ Saturday July 21st

·         Schedule of times to be determined

o   Cheer would like to do uniforms first Friday

·         Discussion about closing Cheer sign-ups

·         Discussion of cheer uniform costs – Price set at same amount

o   Just For Kicks (JFK) shirt prices also discussed

·         Greg from Koch’s will be at practice on first day – August 16th

o   Depending on number of orders,  and he may return on 17th

New Business

·         Age of daughter discussion for cheer – 4 ½ yrs. Of age

·         Fundraiser baskets discussed for football games

·         Service Project/Parade Dates at TBD

·         BYF Appreciation Night at High School Football game – 1st game of the season

o   May add an additional game later in the season

·         Set times for Parents to volunteer on Game Day?      

o   Jenn will have information the 1st week of practice

·         Scholarship Money received by both recipients

·         Cheerleader dropped out – Money to be refunded

·         New Richmond game time for 5/6 changed to 1pm

o   CCYFL game schedule is correct

·         Just for Kicks discussed

·         Background checks for all coaches – information passed out to those who were in attendance

·         Motion to Adjourn – Dawn; 2nd - Jenn

 June 12, 2012

Members:  Jason Watson, Jenn Scaggs, Steve Scaggs, Luke Berger, Scott Donaldson

Call to Order – Jason Watson:  8:30pm

Tony Kellerman with Guardian Caps

·         Discussed concussions with football

·         Pads to go over helmet to be worn during practice to prevent concussions – 33%

·         Special:   Order 20 caps or more, get 15% off  (Savings of $20 per unit)

·         Purchase at

·         Will set up booth at first day of practice

Treasurer’s Report – Scott Donaldson

·         New version of Quicken bought: Old version expired

·         Net this month

·         Special Account can not be changed

·            Insurance Bill to Kramer and Myers

·         Discussed switching insurance carriers

·         Motion:  Jenn

·         2nd Motion:  Steve

League Report:   Scott Donaldson

·         No game schedule for 2012 season – should be available in the next few days

·         No changes

Weigh-ins at Western Brown:  Vendors:  Community Involvement

·         Coaches meeting date confirmed:  July 29th @ 1pm

Batavia Township Hall

For Referees, Coaches, Assistant Coaches

League Fees

League Fees have been set

§ Discussion Tabled

Old Business

·         Practice Field on Left of Batavia High School Entrance

·         Area needs to be bush-hogged within 1-2 weeks

·         Helps to keep practices and BYF organization together

·         Can not start till the request  has been approved by the Batavia School Board

·         Coordinate Volunteer Day to help clean out field

·         Paul Brown Stadium is no longer happening          

o   Discussion on closing bank account

·         Coached Clinic

o   No update

§ Need participation to keep the clinic running

·         Just for Kicks

o   Need Judges

o   Need volunteers for event

o   Need Sponsors (no minimum sponsor)

o   Discussion on forms for event

·         Pictures

o   Discussion for no longer using local photographer

o   Use of same company as last year – Pawsat

o   Rusty heading pictures

§ Timeslots need to be set for each team

·         BYF Camp

o   Discussed dates and time (June 18th-20th; 10-12pm)

o   Need volunteers

New Business

·         11-12 year old uniforms

o   Bill – 153.50 per uniform

·         Wants a budget from BYF

·         Jason Watson  - Suggestioned creating a structure of per year played for organization

o   Will pay so much for each year played i.e. - $15 per year up to $75

o   Steve suggested – 5 yr - $65, 4 yr - $55

o   Discussion on fairness

·         How does it work with numbers of players on team

·         Some teams will have 17 while others will have 28

o   Motion for $1500 per Bill’s team

o   Motion for $55 – Steve

·         2nd Motion – Jenn

o   Suggestion to put on future agenda for discussion

·         Coaches Shirts

o   Do we keep supplying

o   Keep same shirts from last year

o   Scott Suggested every 3 yrs.

o   New Shirts for 5/6 yr. old coaches and new coaches only

·         Luke motion

·         Steve 2nd motion

o   Coaches can order replacements at Coaches Clinic

·         Equipment Handout

o   Typically weekend after

o   Doing during practice July 19th/July 20th

·         6-9 pm

o   Need forms for handout

·         Motion to Adjourn:  9:55pm

BYF APRIL MEETING MINUTES 4/11/2012 7:02 : Jason calls meeting to order. In attendance: Scott Donaldson, Steve Scaggs, Jason Watson, Luke Berger, Donna Browning, Rob Maham, Dawn Hensley, Rusty Beatty Scott gives verbal treasurer’s report. There is no statement distributed. $4393.54 is deposited from Skating Rink Sign up. Jason states Storage bill was due April 1 of $1200.00. We are currently locked out. No bill was sent as customers generally pay every month. Scott motions to pay storage bill 6 months at a time; Steve seconds. Steve motions to accept treasurer’s report; Donna seconds.
Steve gives League Report. We received a check in the amount of $430.00 for our part in CCYFL Cheer Comp. All organizations except 1 received same amount. Jason King requested field availability for weigh ins to be held on August 18 & 19. CCYFL requests vote from each organization on allowing a child to playing the play in the weigh in game with the team he has been practicing with. Batavia’s vote is if a child is within 5 pounds of the team’s weight limit, he may play in the weigh in game with the team he’s practiced with. Jenny Miller requests that all organization remember that cheer paperwork is due at weigh ins. Batavia will host the second round of play offs. CCYFL schedule is on web site. Season begins July 16, with no pads. Season’s first game is August 25. There is a scheduled bye week. November 3 &4 is first round of play offs @ New Richmond. November 10 & 11 is second round of play offs @ Batavia. November 17 is Super Bowl @ Goshen. 2012 League Fees are being reassessed. In the past they have been $0, $400, $450, $700, $750. CCYFL currently holds approximately 18K in the bank so fees will likely be reduced. The League has voted to maintain 3 referees at each game. The League has voted to maintain gate fees at $2 per person. New Richmond has requested that the Old organization be recognized as a New Richmond to allow the players the opportunity to be grandfathered during this year only. Batavia votes yes. Donna motions to accept League Report, Scott seconds. Skating Rink update: approximately 70 children signed up. It is believed that the unseasonably warm weather affected the number of children who attended. Jason thanks Rusty for getting the Television donated. We sold 33 of 50 titanium necklaces. Steve suggests we have other team’s colors when we play them. All colors at play offs. No further suggestions are received to improve the 2012 season. Bill Albright is not present to discuss to his teams upcoming Mother/Son Dance fundraiser. It is to be held on May 11 @ the Middle School. Jason interjects that Eric Hamilton is scheduled to DJ. They are still looking for a photographer. Jenn’s game day list is to be discussed at April Sign ups. Steve motions that sign ups be pushed back in order to get flyers out. There is extended debate on the subject. It is decided that it is too late to make that decision as emails have already been sent out and it has been posted on web site. Jason will request a district wide email be sent out. Scott brings up Luke’s idea to purchase signs to be placed around community the week of sign ups. Scott motions to purchase 25 signs, Steve seconds. It is voted that we purchase 25 signs only and borrow stakes from Batavia High School Boosters. Signs to say Batavia Youth Football and Cheer Sign ups this Saturday PBS is tentatively scheduled for August 17, 18, 19. They are waiting on practice schedule to finalize. Coaches Clinic is tabled. J4K is tabled. BYF day is tabled. Awards Ceremony is tabled. Pictures: Rusty requests direction how to communicate scheduling. Homecoming Parade is tabled. Football camp: will be discussed with Sizer at April 21 meeting. Jason states that in talking with other organizations he has learned that most of them do their camps during that first week of conditioning. This plan gets more kids there. Steve is against it. There is debate on the potential advantages and disadvantages of each idea. Potentially Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday June 26, 27, 28 from 9-12 or 10-1. Donna suggests using the $450 received from CCYFL to be used for new Cheer Training Equipment. A formal request is to be made after research of potential items. Steve asks Luke if inventory has been done. Luke states his plan is to complete it this week. Donna motions to adjourn, Scott seconds. BYF March Minutes 3/13/2012 In attendance: Jenn Scaggs, Steve Scaggs, Luke Berger, Jason Watson, Donna Browning, Scott Donaldson, Dawn Hensley, Rob Maham, Rebekah Sester, Erin Sicurella, Bev Stump, April Phillips, Billy Phillips, Matt Stump, Rusty Beatty, Bill Albright. Jason calls meeting to order; Announces that minutes were approved online and can be viewed at Scott has not arrived yet, so League Report will be first. Jason announces that Mike Hatter has resigned as League Rep. Steve Scaggs will give the League Report until the position is filled. Anyone interested in that position should contact Jason. League Report: New Richmond has been voted in to CCYFL. They will field 1 team per age group for now, perhaps more in future years. Kids that played at Bethel and Amelia last year will be grandfathered in for this year. But after this year, they will be under contract there. 9 year old weight was voted to be increased by 3# to 115#. No other weight changes. Gate admission will remain the same. All organizations sent updated directions to CCYFL By Law Committees were established. Super Bowl and playoff hosts will be decided at next meeting. Referee fees will increase this season to $40 per ref, a $5 increase per referee. Proposal is made to offset the increased fees by decreasing the number of referees required for 5/6 and 7 year old games to 2, or to increase gate fees to $3.00. Batavia agrees to vote for decrease number of referees on those 2 games and declines gate fee increase. Question is raised concerning updates on proposal to add 7th and 8th grade football to youth program. Steve indicates that no further discussion has taken place. No one has taken a lead on that except what Rowland did in past. Luke motions to accept the League Report; Jenn seconds. Old Business: 2012 improvement ideas – request is made to have 1 home game at the High School. Jason opens the floor to open discussion. If anyone has anything to discuss, now is the time. Steve re-iterates the need for cheer coaches and a 5/6 year old football for the upcoming season. Treasurer’s Report: Still need to pay the balance of the cheer uniforms and accounting fee for taxes of approximately $700. Steve motions to accept Treasurer’s Report, Jenn seconds. More Old Business: Skating Rink: Next Monday, 6:30-8:30. Free admission, skate rental 1.75. registration $65/$45; 1 raffle with paid registration. Rusty states that the 55" tv he was having donated from RentaCenter is still not repaired. The part is on back order and may or may not arrive in time. He has been given a credit of $400 at HHGregg where we could purchase a tv. Prizes for the Skating Rink Sign up are as follows: Grand Prize: Flat Screen TV, helmet, paid registration. We will provide 2 different color tickets. 1 will represent the door prizes, the other will be given with paid registration. Door prizes will be left over spirit wear items. Hoodies and T-shirts will be available for sale. A proposal is made to sell titanium necklaces. Brian Hensley can get them for $3 each and we can sell for $10 each. They are available in black, green & white or black & green. Glitter Green Headbands are also available . Steve motions to purchase 2 sets of 25 necklaces in each color and 25 headbands; Luke seconds. Headbands will be sold at $6 or 2/$10. The referral program is clarified again. No referral credits will be given until the player stays through the 1st league game. That way no refunds can be requested after a referral credit is given. New Business: 2012 Project Coordinators are updated as follows: Scott – Sign ups Steve – PBS Coaches Clinic – Steve (Rusty offers to help) Awards Banquet – Jenn Picture Co-ordinator - Rusty Homecoming Parade – Jenn Football Camp – Jason has spoken to Coach Sizer about holding camp during the day in mid June from 9-1. Kroger Cards – Re-introduce them and encourage usage at sign ups. Upcoming sign ups are discussed. Discussion occurs on the necessity of the April sign up as it has been the least productive in past years. Luke, Steve & Scott vote to keep the April sign up. It will be held April 14 at the Middle School from 10-1. The May sign up will be held at the Middle School on May 19. Just 4 Kicks will be held September 23, a project leader is still needed. Luke discusses BYF day. He wants to work with Clermont Senior Services again and needs commitment from teams for that to be successful. We should be back to having a bye week. BYF day will likely be held that day. Once CCYFL establishes the schedule, the final decision will be made. Bill Albright discusses possibility of holding a Mother-Son Dance as a fundraiser for the 11 year old team to help fund uniforms and traveling costs. All boys in the district will be invited – possibly up to 8th grade. Will be held Friday night, May 11 from 7-9:30. Refreshments & DJ provided and photo opportunities. Jenn introduces a list of game day chores to discuss at next meeting. Steve motions to adjourn at 8:20; Luke seconds. Batavia Youth Football and Cheer February Minutes2/13/2012In attendance: Ashly Moell, Rowdy DeTellem, Donna Browning, Jenn Scaggs, Steve Scaggs, Erin Sicurella, Ashley Brock, Brian Hensley, Dawn Hensley, Andy Vest, Rob Maham, Billy Phillips, Rachel Casey, April Phillips, Matt Stump, Bev Stump, Matt Hatter, Jason Watson, Brandon Weisbrodt, Scott Donaldson, Luke Berger, Sheila Albright, Kelli Beatty, Rusty Beatty.Jason calls meeting to order @ 7:04.Minutes were approved via email and will be posted on website immediately.Mike Hatter gives League Report:1. Weight limit increase request from Blanchester and Amelia for 9 year old level from 112#-115#, or 5# across board. What is BYF's position ?Current weight limits are: 5/6 – 80#; 7 – 90#; 8- 100#; 9 – 112#; 10 – 130#; 11 – 155#.Jason interjects with clarification on the request. The thought behind the request is that many 9 year old are not even signing up due the weight limit. With the jump for 112# at 9‟s to 130# at 10‟s, it is thought that raising it 3# would split the difference between the levels. Scott comments that there were more players at the 9 year old level that were forced to play up due to weight than at any other age group. Concerns were also expressed about protecting the smaller kids in those age groups.BYF’s vote will be to increase 9 year old weight from 112# to 115#, NOT increase 5# across board.2. Proposition to increase gate fee by .50 and give token or ticket for concession credit in that amount. Discussion occurs amongst group about the benefits and potential increase in concession sales. Luke states that the checks and balances in giving a ticket or token to each paid registration will be beneficial itself.BYF’s vote will be yes.3. Motion to change CCYFL meeting time from 1:00 to 6:00 to avoid conflicts with NFL Football schedule and increase attendance.BYF’s vote will be yes.4. New Richmond‟s old youth orginazation has dissolved and a new organization is forming has requested to join CCYFL. They are guaranteeing a team at every age group. Luke asks for clarification on team size. Scott states that a minimum of 14 players are required to form a team, but no maximums. Comments are made that many families left the Old New Richmond and went to Amelia. Now that the new organization is forming, they want to go back to New Richmond to have kids play with school mates. Clarification is made on how players can move from organization to organization. Scott makes notation that Mariemont is officially no longer part of CCYFL.BYF’s vote will be yes.5. CCYFL does not have insurance on their board members and has requested that BYF name CCYFL as additional insured on their insurance policy to avoid a large insurance bill. Concerns are raised on how that affects the liability of our individual organization. This item is tabled.Luke motions to accept League Report, Steve seconds, all in favor.Scott passes out Treasurer‟s Report. No new income, approximately $1400 paid out in bills. The majority of this was last year‟s Rumpke bill. Mike Hatter motions, Luke seconds, all in favor.Fee schedule will be maintained at $65 for first child, $45 for siblings for first 2 sign ups. All sign ups after the first two will be $75/$55. Steve motions, Mike H. seconds, all in favor.Scott motions to implement a referral credit for BYF members to offset registration fees. A $15 credit will be given (up to 4 credits, maximum $60) per family for bringing a new family to BYF. If the family has been a member previously, they must have been gone for 2 years to qualify for the credit. The new family must have participants paid in full and remain through the first league game. Steve seconds, all in favor.Skating Rink sign up will be held on Monday, March 19 at Beechmont Rollerink from 6:30-8:30. Scott indicates this event has required approximately $400 investment. Jason revisits his proposal to have large ticket items raffled off. 1 raffle will be given to each paid registration, additional raffles will be offered at 6/$5. Rusty Beatty interjects that he has a verbal commitment from his client, Rent a Center, to donate a large item. Jason states prospective raffle items are a large electronic item, a helmet and $65 registration fee as well as spirit wear items left over to be used as door prizes. Concerns are expressed fromattendees that some children never bring home the flyer. Jason asks the room how many people present were aware that we do the skating rink sign up – only about half the attendees acknowledged awareness. Comments are made about different possibilities in handing out flyers, including bus drivers handing them out. Jason requests that the schools be contacted to „e-notify‟ the community about the event and it should be posted on our website. Scott asks the coaches if they have any extra registration forms left from last year. Stock is low and he needs to know if more should be ordered.Jason asks for feedback from all attendees on ways to improve our organization. There is a suggestion from a parent requesting that Head Coaches receive more support and training from the Board. Concerns are expressed about turmoil on last year‟s 9 year old team. An emotional request is made to the Executive Board to “vote in a coach you would want coaching your kid”. Jason, Scott and Steve address the concerns stating that the board has been aware of issues on that team and list several things that have been done to improve the situation.Jason asks if everyone who wanted to put in a coaches application got one in.Steve lists the application received:11 year old football: Bill Albright10 year old football: Matt Stump, Rusty Beatty, Mike Hatter9 year old football: Steve Scaggs8 year old football: Luke Berger7 year old football: Rob Maham5/6 year football : no applicationsCheer application: Erin SicurellaSteve states we are looking for a 5/6 year old football coach and more cheer coaches, if anyone knows of a good candidate please have them contact him.Jason opens the floor to anyone who would like to voice any opinions on any potential coaches. Discussion occurs from attendees.Discussion occurs on changing website hosts. Current costs are $99 for domain name and $79 for website host. Many options are given of sites to look at. Luke motions to change website host, Donna seconds, all in favor.Jason opens the floor once again for anyone to open discussion. No one speaks.Steve motions to adjourn at 8:35 and Scott seconds, all in favor.Executive Session commences. Batavia Youth Football and Cheer Meeting Minutes January 10, 2012Opening:The monthly meeting of the Batavia Youth Football and Cheer was called to order at 7:35 pm on January 10, 2012 by Jason Watson.Present:Jason Watson, Steve Scaggs, Ashly Moell, Scott Donaldson, Donna Browning, Rowdy DeTellem, Luke Berger, Jenn Scaggs, Bill Albright, Roger Farley, Brian Hensley, Brandon Weisbrodt, James Calhoun, Matt Stump, Billy Phillips, Bev Stump, Mike Hatter, Jim Mills, Melissa HarrisonTreasurer’s Report: Scott Donaldson gives treasurer report. Not a lot of deposits for the month. There were 2 Kroger Rewards Program deposits. Mostly all that was paid was cheer gear refunds. Next year we need to figure out a different way to do cheer gear. Steve Scaggs motion to accept Treasurer’s Report, Ashly Moell seconds.League Report: Steve Scaggs reports that the League Meeting was held Scott Donaldson was elected President. Steve Scaggs was elected a Trustee. All President and League Reps are invited to the next meeting. They are usually held here on the 2nd Sunday of the Month. Cheer Comp money was around $400 each organization. Luke Berger motion to accept League Report, Scott Donaldson seconds.Equipment Luke Berger says that some things are still out and in the possession of the head coaches. He asked that they be returned so there can be a proper inventory before things get ordered. Letters have been sent to the players who still have not returned their equipment. Jason asked if anyone had any equipment that they felt that we needed this year that we didn’t have this year. There were no requests.Head Coach Applications are being taken in January and February meetings. The board will then decide after the February meeting who the head coaches will be. That way they have 5 weeks to prepare for the first sign-up. The board is working on putting together an application for assistant coaches, it will be not as long as the head coach but there will be expectations of an assistant coach on the form so they know what to expect. If anyone has any suggestions of what they would like to see they can email a board member.2012 registration fees: Last year we did not have PBS and our bank account suffered. Jason opened the floor for any suggestions about registrations fees. Someone suggestedthat having activities with the families would be more involved and get more people involved. No one feels like we need to raise fees at this time. But that we need to watch what we spend this coming year. There was a thought about increasing the fees each sign-up. We are by far the cheapest and provide the most for our kids, and that is because of PBS. But we need volunteers in order to help us put on such activities as PBS. There was a suggestion of a referral program. Scott suggested if a player brings a kid who is new to BYF we will give ½ the registration fee or $10. That will be tabled until the new board takes over. What about raising the fee $10 and tell the parents will get it back after they have volunteered.This year during the first couple of weeks of practice the board will be going around to each team and having a short meeting with all the parents.PBS looks like that will be a go this year. There was a suggestion about 2 weekends in a row to make back some of the money from last year. Steve Scaggs will be following Steve Rowland this year and will be taking over PBS next year.Over the last couple of weeks the board has been having meetings to try to make things better next year. One thought is that we have team budgets, ½ of the registration fee will go to the team account, ½ to BYF account. Each team would be responsible for a home game. This hopefully would put more responsibility on the parents. The head coach can decide what they want to spend their funds on with board approval. This will be discussed in next month’s meeting.Sign up procedures, still have at skating rink. Have a raffle for those paid registration fees, or prizes. More tickets will be available to be bought. Some prizes suggested are a flat screen TV, a new helmet, spirit wear goodie bags.There was a suggestion that Batavia Bowl game, many teams feel like they will not make any money because we are such a small market. This year we will be hosting Glen Este in a bowel game, and also will be hosting the 2nd Round of the playoffs. They are usually on Sunday and we try not to do back to back home games.Board Nominations:League Rep: Mike HatterSecretary: Donna BrowningSargent in Arms: Luke BergerTreasurer: Scott Donaldson2nd Vice President: Steve Scaggs1st Vice President: Jenn ScaggsPresident: Jason WatsonBill Albright asked the board for $50 for a team party. Luke Berger motion and Ashly Moell seconds.Scott will investigate information on the update of the web site and domain name.motions to adjourn at 8:47pm, seconds.Executive SessionMinutes submitted by: Ashly Moell






Coaches meeting date confirmed:  July 29


Discussed dates and time (June 18



Steve 2

Doing during practice July 19