Progam Philosophy

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Learn It: Understand the techniques, strategies, and discipline to be a competitive wrestler

Live It: Apply it, train, achieve balance and become a competitive wrestler

Love It: Reap the rewards and show your devotion through following the rules and making good decisions



Develop Student Athletes: Focus on developing each individual to become better student athletes, achieving balance through goal setting and discipline

Become Better Wrestlers: Provide the technique, tutelage, and program to enable each individual to become the best wrestler they can be

Compete: To understand the sport, their opponents, and themselves and train to compete in all aspects

Fun: Ensure our athletes have a positive experience and enjoy the sport, team, and competition


Rules, Social Media, and Conduct:

Follow BHS Rules of Conduct: No hazing, bullying, or substance use/abuse will not be tolerated, keeping dedication on the mat and in academics

Social Media: Consider all posts to be a press conference, keeping them positive, and avoiding posts that could hurt or offend others, including the use of appropriate langues

Conduct: Represent BHS on and off the mat


Trainer and Injuries:

This is a Contact Sport: Injuries may happen, and the coaching staff will do their best to prevent and avoid injuries

Trainer Doug Nelson: All injuries must go through Doug, and he must clear athletes after an injury requiring medical attention