Grappler Club

Mission - Support Springfield Wrestling with 100% focus on 100% of the kids

The Grappler Club is a parent run high school booster club that supports Springfield Wrestling.  The Grappler Club provides spirit and financial support to make wrestling a first class experience for each and every kid kid.  The club has a core group of parents who are nominated and meet once a month from Sept through May.  The club was originated to support Springfield High School wrestling but we also work closely with the middle school and the Springfield Athletic Association to promote wrestling in the Springfield community.
All high school familes are asked to join the club with a $75 membership fee (Very low compared to the other HS major sports programs).  Parents are also asked to support some limited fund raising which is important to keep our dues low.  All money raised is used directly for the benefit of the high school wrestlers.  The Grappler Club augments school district funding to provide to make the program first class of our kids. 
As a member of the Grappler Club, what do I receive?
Grappler Club membership typically entitles the wrestler to the following:
1.  Wrestler year end banquet.  Last year the banquet was held at Anthony's and included a full buffet dinner and beverages with wait staff served dessert and coffee
2.  Year end Grappler Club gift.  Gifts such as sweat shirts, bags, or pants have been given over the years
3.  Coaches Gifts.  Rather than ask for seperate contributions from families for coaches & trainer gifts, these are included in your membership
4.  Awards.  All wrestlers are eligible to receive awards.  All awards such as Most Valuable, Most Improved, Coaches' Award, etc are funded by the Grappler Club
5.  Team & Individual Portrait Picture.  Each wrestler receives a professional team and individual photograph.
6.  Scrapbook/Pictures.  Wrestlers receive year end books that contain team news, newspaper articles,  and all action pictures on CD along with some prints .
7.  H.S. wrestlers also receive a team slide show DVD set to music
8.  Seniors also receive a special senior photo collage
9. General Program support.  The Grappler Club has financially supported the team by funding tournaments, banners, uniforms, DVD cameras, assistant coaching contributions, and other items in the past.  The Club writes articles and maintains the Website to share team information and to promote wrestling in Springfield.  The Grappler Club also sponsors ETR, SAA, and Senior nights at the high school. 
The Grappler Club also sponsors a scholarship that is available to graduating seniors.  Any senior wrestler is eligible to apply for this award.  The requirements and guidelines are posted below.  The winning wrestler(s) are selected by the coaching staff.
PLEASE GIVE YOUR SUPPORT.   Get dues in on time (Jan 31) and please get involved and help out with fund raising.  Please use "Contacts" to get further information on how you can help.  THANKS!
Senior Letter
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Staeger - Wood Futures Award

The Grappler Club sponsors the Staeger-Wood Futures Award which is available to graduating seniors of the Springfield Wrestling team.  This award was established in memory of Bob Staeger and Bill and Pat Wood who were long time supporters of Springfield Wrestling and The Grappler Club.  This scholarship award is funded through donations and fund raising.  The amount and number of awards is determined by the funds available and the quality of the candidates each year.  The award(s) are presented at the annual Grappler Club Banquet.
There is a short application and essay that candidates must fill out.  Award winners are selected based upon consideration of academics, character, community involvement, and short essay answers.  The recipient(s) of the award are solely determined by the Springfield HS Coaching staff.   Applications are available at the Athletic Office and must be completed and return to the Athletic Office by March 15 for the review and selection by the Coaches.
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2011-2012 Grappler Club Board
Lisa Jane Braconnier, Treasurer
John Dunfee, Vice President
Jason Boyer, Secretary
Becky Sciarrino, 9th Grade Advisor
Nancy VanPelt, 10th Grade Advisor
Amy Dunfee, 12th Grade Advisor
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The Grappler Club typically meets as needed during wrestling season.
All parents are welcome to attend our meetings.
 The following document on the history of the Springfield Grappler Club was recently found in a folder from the 1988 - 1989 season.  Grappler Club officers that year were Fran Udicous, President; Al Petroski, Vice President, Bob Staeger, Treasurer, and Fran Borrelli, Secretary

On February 18, 1973, a group of interested wrestling parents got together and formed the “Springfield Grapplers Club”.  The club is an organization dedicated to promote the sport of wrestling.  To this end parents actively support the coaches and team members of Springfield High School, E. T. Richardson Middle School, and the Springfield Athletic Association wrestling teams.

   Our desire is to have every wrestling parent join our club and get behind Springfield Wrestling both spiritually and financially.  In these times it is important that we visibly support the efforts of our young people and their coaches to let them know that their hard work, sacrifice, and dedication are sincerely appreciated.

   To achieve our goals we work through various activities to provide equipment for the wrestlers and training coaches, and an annual banquet that recognizes the participation of each wrestler.

   The Springfield Grapplers Club wishes to extend its sincere appreciation for your support of Springfield Wrestling
See Recodrds & History for Grappler Club Service Award winners
This prayer is said each year at the Grappler Club banquet and was written by Bob Staeger many years ago.

Dearer heavenly Father, we gather here together this evening to honor these young men for their contributions to their schools and their achievements as a team. We thank you for giving them the opportunity to compete in this most ancient of sports, wrestling. Competing not only against their formidable opponents, but also against temptations of mind and body.


We thank you for the lessons they have learned from their coaches, their teachers, and from each other; character building; lessons of preparation, discipline, perseverance, self reliance, and respect. May they continue to mature, representing their schools and their families with honor and distinction.


Lord, we thank you also for the safety of these teams and their legion of loyal fans who traveled both near and far during this long arduous season. We are ever mindful of your protective embrace as we journeyed to other venues, but most of all for the grappler’s longest trip to the center of the arena.


We ask you now Lord to bless this food to our use and us to thy service. Amen