October 31, 2017

Wilson Premier Youth Baseball was established in 1960 and has over 50 years of providing a place for all young people between 5 and 16 to play baseball, develop friendships and have fun.

Our 501(c)(3) league serves kids in Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Franklin, West Allis, Cudahy, St. Francis, Greenfield, Greendale, West Milwaukee, South Milwaukee, Hales Corners, Caledonia, Racine, New Berlin and Muskego. Because we are not part of the National Little League, we do not have geographic restrictions and serve 20+ zip codes annually.


1. What is the registration fee for the league?

Our annual non refundable, registration fee is $90 per player with a family rate, based on three or more kids. This has not changed for over a decade. Additionally there are ways for parents to earn free registration via extra fundraising or sponsorship development.

2. Why is the registration fee non-refundable?

Once a player registers with the league we start a long process of completing the registration and preparing for the season. The league must add the player to our database, assign the player to a team, print out all the forms that are required for the league, order hats for the player(s), assign the parent to a volunteer slot and make certain that the parent gets the requested amount of fundraising material. If a player decides to quit, this voluntary work by a board member still had to be done. Furthermore, once candy is ordered and a player quits, the league has to either absorb the cost of the candy or attempt to sell it themselves. 

3. When does registration start for 2018?

Registration for 2018 is now open for online registration with a CC only.

Please email Nick Verban at wpyb1960@gmail if you have further questions..

4. Is there any fundraising involved?

Yes, due to costs of field maintenance and improvements, county permits, umpires, equipment and uniforms, WPYB has requirements for fundraising. We offer different options for parents and players to fundraise. Additionally for those who don't wish to fundraise we offer a seasonal buyout.

5. Do I need to volunteer?

Yes, our league is run by volunteers. Our Board of Directors, our managers, coaches and concession stand workers are all volunteers. Without volunteerism, WPYB would not exist. Each player's parent is assigned a volunteer shift throughout the season. If a family has more than one participant, they will be required to volunteer for each player. Most of these shifts are in the concession stand but we do offer a variety of volunteer options for parents.

6. Are there tryouts for players?

No, WPYB believes that all kids should play and has required minimums in regards to innings in the field and number of at bats per game. Every kid who signs up and completes the fundraising requirements will play.

7. What are the age levels at WPYB?

A players age is determined by their age on May 1st.

Rookie League  (Ages 5-7) Coach pitch instructional league. Average roster size is 12.

American League  (Ages 8-10) Average roster size is 12-13

  • 3 inning minimum with a continuous batting order
  • 46 foot pitching mound, 60 foot bases with traditional "little league" rules. 

National League  (Ages 11-12) Average roster size is 12.

  • 3 inning minimum with an at bat
  • 50 foot pitching mound, 70 foot bases with "real baseball" rules. 

Pony League  (Ages 13-16) Average roster size is 15.

  • 2 inning minimum with an at bat
  • 60 foot 6 inch pitching mound, 90 foot bases.

8. Can high school baseball players participate at WPYB?

Yes, high school players up to age 16 (based on a May 1 birthdate) can play before and/or after their high school season.

9. I want my son or daughter to play up (or down) a level. Why do I have to submit a letter attached to my registration card to the board?

WPYB realizes that kids develop at different rates and not all kids are ready to move on based upon their chronological age. We also accept that some kids will need to be challenged more and may need to "play up" with kids who are older than they are.

All requests to play at a level different from a players age level must be approved by the WPYB Board.  A letter/email indicating the parents wishes for their child must be submitted to their manager or a board member.  The Board will consult with the players' previous manager/s (or tournament director if the player tried out for a tournament team) and make the decision that is in the best interest of the player and the league as a whole. We are trying to eliminate needlessly keeping kids back in hopes of "stacking" teams with older players who are perfectly capable of performing at the next level. This is not fair to anyone. 

But we understand that a player who may have only one year of organized baseball under their belt might not be ready for the next level or that a player might not be physically maturing at a rate that would allow them to participate fully at the next level. 

 The league will make some exceptions and allow players to move up early or remain back for an extra year, but all decisions will be made by the Board in conjunction with the manager. The liability and integrity of the league is a priority and we cannot rubber-stamp these requests without thoughtful and honest discussions.

10. How long does the season last?

At WPYB our teams start practices in late March or early April. Games start in early May for all leagues, except Rookie which starts in mid-May. The season concludes at the end of July. 

11. On what days are games played?

The National League and Rookie League play on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The American League plays on Mondays, Wednesdays and a few Fridays. The Pony League plays games Monday-Thursday, with a few Fridays. Most weeks teams will play two games. Makeup for rain outs are usually held on Fridays of that same week, if possible.

12. Where are the games played?

Our American, National and Rookie Leagues play at both Wilson Park and our Ballpark Facility. Our Pony League plays all its games at Wilson Park. Due to the sheer size of the league, we cannot play all our games at the Ballpark unless we scheduled 7 days a week. Until the league can find additional property to expand, we will have to hold games at Wilson. We do play all our AL & NL playoff games and hold all the All Star events at the Ballpark.

13. How many practices will my son or daughter have?

Managers are required to hold at least one practice a week until the season starts, many will hold two. After that point, we ask our managers to continue to schedule one practice per week for the remainder of the season. Practices are held on various days and at locations determined by the individual managers. 

14. Is WPYB a Milwaukee County run baseball league?

No, WPYB is a non-profit organization run by a voluntary Board of Directors. We maintain our own fields in addition to using the Milwaukee County owned fields at Wilson Park. WPYB invests thousands of dollars annually into the improvements at Wilson Park in addition to maintaining our own facility. 

15. Why aren't the bathrooms at Wilson Park unlocked during game?

WPYB has no control over the bathrooms near the picnic shelters at Wilson Park. The County is responsible for locking and unlocking these. Furthermore we don't have complete control of the portable bathrooms located near our concession stand (we do unlock them on game nights). Milwaukee County has control over these facilities, including emptying and cleaning the portable bathrooms.

16. Why are the fields at Wilson Park less appealing that those at the Ballpark?

WPYB has minimal control over the upkeep of the Milwaukee County owned fields at the park. Because it is a  public park, WPYB cannot control who uses the field when the league isn't. Therefore our annual improvements tend to not last as long as the improvements at our Ballpark facility.  The league does do twice annual fertilizing of all the fields. Additionally we have started to help with the upkeep and maintenance of the fields between May and August and will continue to in the future!

Because of our collaboration with the Parks Dept., we believe that the work done on Wilson fields results in some of the best baseball fields in the Milwaukee County Park System. Our Pony field is the best cared for and in better shape than any other Pony sized field.

After the 2016 season, we completely redid #3 and #4, including raising the "dip" in left field of #4. Additionally we had extensive work done to #1 and #2 in June of 2017. WPYB paid for this extensive work (along with a County grant) because we feel our players deserve decent facilities.

17. Who runs the concessions stands at both locations?

WPYB's concessions are run by 100% volunteers and every person working there is a member of our league. The two locations do have "Lead Officials" who manage the volunteers on a nightly basis and are ultimately responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly.

18. What if I don't have the time or desire to volunteer?

WPYB offers a buyout for those who might not be able to volunteer due to whatever reason. Managers inform all parents of this at their annual parent meetings. WPYB encourages everyone to volunteer as the Board believes it allows parents to feel a sense of ownership in the league and allows interaction between parents.

19. Why do the concession stands run out of hamburgers before the late games start?

WPYB Lead Officials and concessions volunteers do their best to make enough "hot food" to satisfy the fans on a particular night. Because the lead officials try to not have left over food (much of which cannot be reused in the future) there are nights when they will run out of hot food items earlier than expected. We do make every effort to have enough on hand each night.

20. Why is my 7 year old playing a game that starts at 7:30pm?

Because WPYB has a finite number of fields and has a large number of teams, games must be played at two times to avoid playing 7 days a week. All leagues have games at 5:30pm and also a late game. The Rookie's late games start at 7:30, the AL and NL at 7:45 and the Pony start at 8:00. The Pony start late games in early May, while the other leagues wait until late May or early June. The Rookie league will not play late games on weeknights until the middle of June.

If we got away from late games, kids would play less games. At WPYB we believe that a majority of our participants like the current number of games played.

21. What are "Text Alerts"?

When you register and activate your cell phone with league lineup, you give WPYB the capability to send out alerts via texts or emails. We use this feature to alert parents of rain outs and other important WPYB events. Please note that you only need to register once, but if you change cell providers then you will need to "update" your cell phone with the new provider information.

Additionally the league often has concession stand giveaways during game nights sent out to those signed up for text alerts!

22. Why was my team's rained out makeup game scheduled on a different field?

WPYB tries to play all the games unless the field presents a safety hazard to our players. This will mean that some games, especially early in season,  might be played in less than ideal conditions. But we call games when the safety of players is compromised due to poor field conditions. 

When we have to reschedule games there are a multitude of factors to work through.

We need to reserve the fields with the county if the games are at Wilson. We need to reschedule umpires (for most games) and volunteers and we need to reschedule lead officials. Additionally we have a policy that no teams besides Pony, will play on back to back nights or doubleheaders for the safety of our young pitchers. With all these factors, there has to be some recognition that a game might be rescheduled on a Saturday or moved to a late game during the week on a different field. We apologize for any inconvenience this might present to parents and players, but it is the nature of running a baseball league.

23. Why does the league not sponsor any tournaments at the Ballpark?

In 2018, WPYB will sponsor a U10 tournament, "The Rumble by the Runway"!

24. Does WPYB sponsor tournament teams?

WPYB will sponsor several tournament teams in 2018. U9 through U13. We have decided to increase the number of teams after a very successful pilot program with the U12 team in 2017. Contact our Tournament Team Director, Carmelo Patti at wpangels@yahoo.com for more information.

25. If I am an assistant coach, why do I have to volunteer in the concessions as well?

WPYB relies on volunteerism, in fact all our board members are strictly volunteers and put in upwards of 20 hours a week on average. This is something that the board has investigated in the past and if we didn't assign assistant coaches volunteer shifts, we would be woefully short of volunteers over the course of the season (many teams have three or four assistant coaches). We appreciate the time and effort that assistant coaches give to the kids. We don't require our managers to volunteer in concessions and are always looking for new managers.

26. There is little for younger siblings of players to do at the Ballpark, why isn't there some type of playground equipment there?

The board has discussed this idea many times over the last decade. After meeting with a lawyer it was determined that the liability risk is far too great. Additionally the Ballpark is not monitored 12 months a year as it is during the season (April-August) and there would be potential for the league being liable for injury for individuals entering the property during that time as well.

27. Why can't the league offer healthier items like salads and veggies at the concession stand?

We have found that the cost to purchase and then offer these items for sale would be too great. Furthermore to ask our lead officials to spend time preparing these items at their homes would be asking far too much of them. With limited time our lead officials have they can only prepare so much food and while it would be great to offer such items, at this time it is not feasible. We will look into this in the future.