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Jeremy Newberry San Francsico 49ers

Jeremy Newberry San Francisco 49ers. Jeremy was a fierce competitor in his youth days in AYF. Rumor has it he cut off a cast to play in a Turkey Bowl. A trait he carries to this day as he is known as one of the toughest guys in the NFL.** Update 3/09/07 ** Jeremy has just signed with the Oakland Raiders.
Jeremy Newberry's Website

Maurice Drew selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars

Maurice Drew was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2nd Round of the 2006 NFL draft. Drew had and outstanding 2005 season and proved that hard work and dedication pays off. Congratulations Maurice!!!
Jacksonville Jaguars

Maurice Drew UCLA Bruins/ Jacksonville Jaguars

Maurice Drew UCLA/ Jacksonville Jaguars. Maurice had a Great career at UCLA and was selected in the 2nd Round of the 2006 NFL draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. With a few Turkey Bowls under his belt along with National Championships as a member of the DeLaSalle Spartans now takes his shot in the NFL.
Jacksonville Jaguars

Mark Butterfield Stanford/ Chicago Bears

Mark Butterfield Stanford Football 1996. Mark was a player on the first AYF team when the organization started. After he graduated from Stanford he played for the Chicago Bears and in the World Football League.

Aaron Miles Colorado Rockies

Aaron Miles was electric in his youth days as a Running Back for AYF. He was also a great baseball player and was signed by the Houston Astros out of High School. He is currently the starting 2nd Baseman for the Colorado Rockies.
Colorado Rockies

Charles Favroth Oregon Football

Charles Favroth improved every year during his youth days in AYF. He played for DeLaSalle High School after AYF. He was highly recruited out of High School and is in his senior season at The University of Oregon. Charles was a Center and Defensive End during his Bobcat years and eventually became one of the top defensive backs in the area.

Chris Hurd Quarterback Wash. St/UTEP/ Sac State

Chris Hurd was a standout for AYF and Deer Valley High School as a QB. During his youth days he was known throughout the league as a fierce competitor with a cannon arm, a trait he carries to this day. He attended Washington State on Scholarship and is currently enrolled at the University of Texas-El Paso re-united with coach Mike Price who recruited him. He'll be eligible in the 2005 season.Chris has finished his College Career with Sacramento State.

Mike Lucky Dallas Cowboys 1999-2003

Mike Lucky was a a standout athlete in his Youth days for AYF. At 6-5 in High School he was one of the elite Tight Ends in the area. After high school he played for The University of Arizona he was drafted By the Dallas Cowbays in 1999 where he played for 3 seasons.

Frank Roe - Denison University

Frank Roe played all 4 levels at AYF from Bobcats to Tigers. Frank went on to star at Antioch High School. Frank was known as a Receiver in a Tight End Body. He had exceptionally soft hands for a big kid and it carried on as he has led Denison in receptions last last few seasons. Rumor has it he even played Fullback this season. He was recently named to the 1st Team NCAC.

Rich Beltram Missouri Valley College

Rich Beltram was a standout AYF player at all levels. Fierce hitter and eventual All League player for Antioch High School. Currently starting Linebacker at Missouri Valley who finished the 2006 season in the top 4 NAIA.
Missouri Valley College

T.J. Ward - University of Oregon

T.J Ward is a Junior at the University of Oregon (Duck) and is leading in the Pac 10 on tackles. He plays Free safety.