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(2016 Letter From Seth Holman, Ararat Board Member & Bowdoin Major Coach)



 I wanted to get the ball rolling for in regards to the Ararat Cup, Reuben, please jump in as necessary.  Unlike years past, this year the first round of games will be play at predetermined venues, the semi-finals and Championship will be in Bowdoinham on Saturday.  Lisa West is the Rec Director for Bowdoinham who is hosting on Saturday.  The team and game schedule is below, each team must bring two new game balls per game. 

 I wanted to remind everyone and go over the rules/format for the Ararat Championship this year.  This is a tournament designed as a fun way to end the season for the majority of our major players and is not intended to be an all-star tournament. Please keep that in perspective as you play your games.   Rules/Format: · All adopted rules that we play by in regular Season will be adhered to (open substitutions, everyone bats, 5 run etc) · Pitching limitations will be adjusted to tournament play where a pitcher is eligible for 6 innings in any two consecutive tournament games. For example, if you play Game 1 and pitch a player three innings, he/she is eligible for another three innings during your next game. If he/she pitches 2 innings in Game 1, he/she is eligible for 4 innings during your next game.  If you have questions about those rules, please ask. · We ask that each team supply one or two game worthy baseballs that they participate in, except for the semi-finals and finals (league will supply). · We are using patched umps for all games this year, one per game and two for the championship. ·  We decided that the individual teams on Wednesday are responsible for half the cost, so that’s ($55 /2 =$27.50 per team), please make sure the payments to the umpires are handled before the game starts.  REC Directors, please make sure your coaches have their portion with them to settle up on Wednesday, they accept cash or check.  Ararat Cup will pay for the umpire cost for Saturday.   We will be awarding the championship trophy on Saturday along with player championship trophies and runner-up medals. The championship trophy will stay with that REC Baseball program until the following season's championship game is played.


Game Schedule:

6/1 @530PM (Single patched umpire $55 /game total)

Game 1: Brunswick 4 @ Harpswell (Trufant Field)

Game 2: BHam @ Bowdoin (Skelton Field)

Game 3: Brunswick 2 @ Richmond (Houdlette)

Game 4: Topsham 2 @ Topsham 1 (Foreside)


6/4 @ 9am (Single patched umpire $55 /game total)

Game 5: Winner Game 2 @ Winner Game 1 (BHam Middle)


6/4 @ 12pm (Single patched umpires $55 /game total)

Game 6: Winner Game 4 @ Winner Game 3 (Bham Middle)


6/4 Championship at 3PM (two patched umpires @ $50 each ump)

Game 7: Winner Game 6 @ Winner Game 5 (BHam Middle)


Please forward this on as needed and let us know if you have any questions.


Thank You,

Seth Holman