Classic Baseball Videos

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Ice Ice Baby - Click Photo to Play Clip

Over the New Years Holiday, Coach Bill Shuck (Major Red Sox), Coach Mike Torres (Major Red Sox) and Coach Stan Grigiski (Major White Sox) traveled to Orlando. While they were there, this is what they were doing. Hope you like it !!

Who's on First - Click Photo to Play Clip

Abbott & Costello were the first non-baseball playing celebrities ever to be inducted into the world-famous Baseball Hall of Fame in 1957
Lou Costello mentioned his hometown (Paterson, New Jersey) in virtually every episode of his TV show and in many of his films – listen for it, it’s amazing (and touching) how he works it in! In this Who's on First scene, which can also be found in one of there movies "The Naughty Ninties", you can see the word PATERSON written on the centerfield wall. The City of Paterson is also the hometown of CCALL Board Member Coach Mike Torres.


No Crying - Click Photo to Play Clip

In 1992 Tom Hanks played a roll in the motion picture movie called "A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN". In that movie Hanks, played Manager Jimmy Dugan. Manager Dugan delivered one of baseball's best on screen skits. Watch below and remember, this holds true even in little league.

Naked Gun - Click Photo to Play Clip

In 1988 Leslie Nielsen stared in a motion picture called "The Naked Gun : From the Files of Police Squad. Nielsen played character Detectice Frank Drebin. During an investigation, Det. Drebin imposed as a homeplate umpire at an Angels vs. Mariners game. Being that Det. Drebin was not familar with being an umpire, he was unsure what to do at first. After his first called strike, he became very comfortable. Take a look at the clip below. Little Leaguers remember, this is just a game, umpires will make good calls and bad calls. Take every call, learn from it and get'um next time.

Baseball Bugs - Click Photo to Play Clip

On February 2nd, 1946, Warner Brothers Studios release a Bugs Bunny cartoon names "Baseball Bugs". It's about a baseball game in New York City, at the Polo Grounds (although the rooftop facade is more suggestive of Yankee Stadium), between the visiting "Gas-House Gorillas" (a play on the Gashouse Gang nickname for the 1930s St. Louis Cardinals) and the home team, the "Tea Totallers". This cartoon runs approx. 7 minutes and is a baseball classic.