Last Updated: September 22, 2014

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As a committed member of the American Youth Football, the Gilbert Football Association is dedicated and passionate about the idea of “Kids First” football and cheer. We strive every day to create an open environment in which children learn all that football and cheer can teach. All children will have the opportunity to compete, regardless of ability, within a structured organization where AIA high school rules are consistently taught and enforced.

The Gilbert Dawgs recognize that football and cheer offer many lessons that can be applied both on and off the field. Children that choose to compete with the Gilbert Dawgs will find that we expect our children to be leaders on the field, at home and at school.

We will provide the opportunity to compete in football and cheer for as many children as we can, with the support of committed volunteers. To that end, the GFA encourages and expects volunteer participation from its participating families. We openly welcome all those who wish to give back by being positive role models for children.

Additionally, we recognize that one of the most important things for children is that they enjoy their experience. We want the althletes and the parents to have fun, while understanding that the game is about more than just wins and losses. It is about committing yourself to the concept of a team, about striving to do your best and about dealing with the outcomes appropriately.

The 2012 season is shaping up to be the best one yet! We look forward to seeing everyone on the fields.


James McKinney
Gilbert Football and Cheer Association