Recreational Blowout

Frankfort, August 4-5. Our final tournament of the season had us coming very near winning over two teams that have been big rivals all summer. We came within two runs in both games! Our biggest achievement this summer has been the improvement in our batting. Congratulations to all the girls for their hard work.

Shelby Bash

Shelbyville, July 28-29. This was a rough weekend, with two very early mornings and not much sleep in between! After a loss in our first game, we went on to win our next two games on Saturday. That brought us back Sunday morning for a tough game against a team we had battled with a couple of weeks earlier. Although we got 10 hits to their one, we couldn't pull out a win against their defense.

Recreational Classic

Lexington, July 21-22. Our 10u team had their best outing yet this weekend! We came in third out of 6 teams in the division. Our first 2 games were wins, so we got a taste of how easy a schedule can be if you stay in the winner’s bracket. We went back on Sunday and played a very good game first game, although we didn’t manage to defeat the other team. We dropped down to the loser’s bracket where we faced another tough team. Many of our girls were low on energy and spirits by that point, so we didn’t play as well and were eliminated at that point.

Recreational Kick-off

Lawrenceburg, July 14-15. Our first game was at 8:00 am, but we were ready to play and scored an easy win. The second game was challenging, and could have gone either way. We lost, 3-5. The third game was a disaster, with fairly heavy rain during one inning while we were in the field. We’re not used to playing in the rain, and had a very hard time of it. The sun came out when the other team took the field, and we never managed to catch up.

We were supposed to play our 4th game Saturday evening, but the rain wouldn’t go away and the rest of the tournament was cancelled. Oh, well...... Looking forward to next weekend!

Bluegrass State Games

The BGSG started out rough for our team, with miserable heat and humidity. Even the 10:00 game felt like we were playing in a giant sauna, and the 3:30 game was worse. Our third game didn't start till 7:45, but it was cooler then and the third time seemed to be the charm! We played very well and defeated the Ky. Rockers 02, and then turned around and played a great game against the Lexington Riot. We lost that one, but had a lot to be proud of.

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10u Allstars hold up well in first tournament...

July 1, 2012
The 10u Allstars played their first tournament June 30-July 1 in Lawrenceburg. The 127 Challenge included four teams in our division; we were up against three travel teams. We only had 9 players to battle it out in the extreme heat, but spirits were good and we had a lot of fun. We placed 3rd out of 4. The most exciting thing for the coaches was to see noticeable improvement between Saturday and Sunday -- the girls were watching, learning and working hard!

2012 LFPS 10u Allstars Roster

Destiny Anderson
Anna Burbage
Caitlyn Clough
McKenzie Curtis
Helen Feibes
Maliya Homer
Jada Meads
Alexis Menifee
Macy Michael
Laura Miller
Elizabeth Painter
Lyndsey Wiggens