Prodigy Athletic Training

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This is how the entire program began! It was developed to assist youth make a successful transition to ANY high school program. As a high school basketball player, the program has manifested into maintaining skills during the off-season, staying connected with high school coaches during our travel ball season, and applying an elite level skill and a high IQ to a college program. These sessions are only conducted by Coach Murray and additional staff is based on his approval. Any other location (other than those listed below) with any other individual IS NOT Prodigy Athletic Training. We reserve the right to prosecute, to the full extent of the law, the use of the name, any form of the name, content, and/or materials that are exclusive to Prodigy Athletic Institute and/or Prodigy Athletic Training.


How to Get Started

>Use the online form to register for training

>You will be contacted by Coach Murray personal regarding your requests

>Payments can be made online or in person during your session



Weekdays @ Fierce Athletics Facility ~ 10838 Bell Court, Rancho Cucamonga, 91730

Sundays @ Northview Middle School, 1401 Highland Ave, Duarte, 91010, gym entrance on Central Ave

Duarte High School when available, 



Monday – dribbling/pivots; Wednesday – lay-ups/passing; Friday - shooting/no-ball drills

High school workouts: 530p-7p and 7p-830p
>Monthly Unlimited Clinics $300 (each one hour); up to 12 workouts/month
>Single Clinic Session ~ $35.00
>Sunday Group Training ~ $40.00 Northview Middle School in Duarte
>Weekday Group Training ~ $50.00/session
>Shooting Gun Rental ~ $50.00/hour
>One on One training available by appointment ~ Contact Coach Murray, 951.314.3375