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* Scroll down for a listing of Ponte Vedra players who have or are going on to play College Football.

2009Ponte Vedra had 36 young athletes named as All-American Little Scholar, which was the most of any of the associations attending from the First Coast Conference. For one association to have 25% of its athletes named Little Scholars All Americans when the national average for Pop Warner is @1% is truly an accomplishment that makes us all proud, and this achievement is a testament to the dedication of the athletes, parents, and volunteers associated with this program. A special thanks to
our scholastic coordinator for this past season, Linda Feidler, for her dedication in coordinating the academic communication and confirming this recognition for each of these athletes.

Here are the All-American Little Scholars from Ponte Vedra for the 2009 Season:

Adam Boselli
Austin Prince
Cole Ebert
Farrell Erickson
Patrick Irish
Marc Otero
Parker Blin
Rob Webster
Turner Street

Alexander Willich
Blake Erler
Conner Cronk
Garrett Marcy
Jonathan Dewane
Michael Leisle
Parker Eastland
Ryan Collary
William Roy

Andrew Yeargin
Brantley Mayers
Cristian Connelly
Jacob Martin
Joseph Dewane
Michael Zenni
Reid Smith
Sam Feidler
William Welch

Ashlyn Lanier
Christian Yeargin
Evan Otero
Jake Early
Kyle Cronk
Nash Roderick
Reinaldo Arreaza
Thomas Bosley
Wilson Erickson

In addition to this, Ponte Vedra had 5 of these young athletes win savings bonds or scholarships for earning one of the top 4 grade point averages for their respective grades, within then Conference:

Michael Leisle
Wilson Erickson
Turner Street
Evan Otero
Parker Eastland

  • Pee Wee cheerleaders took 1st place at FCC competition
  • Midget cheerleaders took 1st place at FCC competition & won "Best Overall"
  • Mighty Mites finished season 7-1
  • Pee Wees undefeated in regular season
  • Jr. Midgets undefeated in regular season


  • Matthew Krepp was named the top Football All-American Scholar in the Nation! He was awarded a $ 5,000 Scholarship from the NFL Players Association at an awards ceremony in Anaheim, California in May!
  • 58 PVAA participants made the Pop Warner All-American list for Scholastic achievement! Matthew Krepp, Patrick O'Hara and Eric Morris received Scholarships from the First Coast Conference! Krepp also received a $1500 scholarship from the Southeast Region. Krepp, Eric Morris and Megan Connors made 1st team All-Americans for the Southeast Region. Hannah Gruhn, Nick Freeman, Nick Parrotta and Roy Williar were selected as Honorable Mention for Pop Warner National !
  • Pee Wee 3rd place DIV II National Championships @ Pop Warner SuperBowl
  • Pee Wee DIV II SouthEast Regional Champions
  • Pee Wee Conference Champions
  • Midget DIV II SouthEast Region runner-up
  • Midget Conference Champions
  • Jr. Pee Wee Cheer 2nd place FCC competition

  • Pee Wees win Jr. Jaguar Bowl
  • Jr. Pee Wees undefeated in regular season
  • Jr. Midgets undefeated in regular season
  • Pee Wees finished season 7 - 1
  • Jr. Midget cheerleaders 2nd place in FCC competition
  • PVAA ranked high for scholastic achievement

  • Southeast Region Team Scholastic G.P.A. Ranking:
    First Place - PV Midget Football
    First Place - PV Midget Spirit
    Second Place - PV Pee Wee Football
    Third Place - PV Jr. Pee Wee Football
  • CJ Thompson, Eric Morris and Megan Connors made National 1st team All-Americans for Scholastic Achievement! 42 other PVAA participants made 2nd team All-Americans!
  • Mitey Mites undefeated
  • Jr. Pee Wee 3rd place Conference play-offs
  • Jr. Pee Wee Shrimp Bowl Winners
  • Pee Wee Conference Champions
  • Pee Wee City Champions
  • Pee Wees finish third in the State
  • Pee Wee Cheerleaders 1st place First Coast Conference Cheerleading Competition Novice Small
  • Jr. Midget Cheerleaders 2nd place First Coast Conference Cheerleading Competition Novice Small
  • Midget Cheerleaders 1st place First Coast Conference Cheerleading Competition Novice Small
  • Midget Cheerleaders 3rd place Southeast Regional Cheerleading Championship Novice Small

  • Mitey Mites undefeated
  • Jr. Pee Wee 2nd place Conference Champions
  • Jr. Pee Wee undefeated in regular season
  • Jr. Pee Wee 1st place SE Region Scholastic Team G.P.A.
  • Midget 13-1 regular season record
  • Midget Conference Champions
  • Midget City Champs
  • Midget Mid-FL Champs
  • Midget Southeast US runner up
  • Jr. Midget Cheerleaders 3rd place in First Coast Conference Cheerleading Championship.

  • Jr. Midgets Conference record 10-1
  • Ponte Vedra Ranks high in the All-American Scholastic team G.P.A.

  • Midgets 2nd round First Coast Conference record 5-5. Won bowl game against St. Augustine 38-0.
  • Ponte Vedra ranks high in the All-American Scholastic team G.P.A.

  • Midgets 1st round of Greater Jacksonville Conference record 5-3, and won two subsequent bowl games for an overall record of 7-4.
  • Ponte Vedra ranks high in the All-American Scholastic team G.P.A.

  • PeeWee Greater Jax Conference record 7-2

    From 1999 to present,these Ponte Vedra Football players are going/have gone on to play College Football:

    Hunter Bates - 2008 Northwestern
    Graham Bates - 2008 Arkansas State
    Dalton Faulds - 2008 East Carolina
    Riley Haynes - 2008 Wake Forest
    Ted Stachitas - 2008 Wake Forest
    Ty Carzoli - 2008 AIR FORCE
    Jared MacNaught - 2008 AIR FORCE
    Kadeem Smith - 2008 COLLEGE OF THE CANYONS
    Matt Bozich - 2008 USMMA
    Frank Dambeck -2008 BIRMINGHAM SOUTHERN
    C.J. Thompson -2008 WASHINGTON & LEE
    Larson Miniard - 2008 LAGRANGE
    Zack Cooper - 2008 TOLEDO
    Mitch Swanson - 2008 BIRMINGHAM SOUTHERN
    Andrew Barnes - 2008 TRINITY INTERNATIONAL
    James Wilson 2007 University of Florida
    Clyde Yandell 2007 Georgia Tech
    Mario Butler 2007 Georgia Tech
    Zach Tronti 2007 Brown University
    James Nicholson 2007 Charleston Southern
    Danny Russell 2007 University of Connecticut
    Christian Dennis 2007 Hofstra
    Ben Cowell 2007 Jacksonville University
    Al Della Porta 2007 Jacksonville University
    Ryan Chiodo 2007 Jacksonville University
    Brandon Poling - Elon University in N. Carolina, Div.1-AA
    Will Oakley - Alabama
    Rick Taylor- Hawaii
    Will Brogan- Hawaii
    Jamar Hornsby- Top safety prospect in Florida per Rivals, with multiple offers from college football powerhouses
    Stefan Krygowski- Wooster
    Timmy Tebow - University of Florida
    Charlie Kirschman- Alabama
    Hunter Haynes- Wake Forest
    Manny Wellington- Florida International University
    Ryan Ellis- Southern Mississippi
    Travis Crowley - Joliet Junior College
    Austin Silvoy- Troy
    Tony Betts- recruiting in process
    Chandler Barden- recruiting in process

    For a full listing go to:

    Arin Roby 2006 Faulkner University
    Tim Tebow 2006 University Florida
    Charlie Kirschman 2006 University of Alabama
    Hunter Haynes 2006 Wake Forest
    Mannie Wellington 2006 Florida International University
    Ryan Ellis 2006 Southern Mississippi
    Daunte Owens 2006 Florida International University
    Doug Polochak 2006 East Carolina
    Austin Silvoy 2006 Troy
    Alex Amaral 2006 Bowling Green
    Travis Crowley 2006 Joliet Junior College
    Ian Aguiliar 2006 Colgate
    A.J. Wetherington 2006 LaGrange
    Evan Lamolinara 2006 Mount Union
    Joey Flinchbaugh 2006 Presbyterian
    Caleb Cooper 2006 University of Tennessee
    Bo Howard 2006 University of Florida
    Rodney Sumter 2006 Georgia Tech
    Evan Lamolinara 2006 Mount Union
    Matt Keppley 2005 Florida State University
    Buster Garrett 2005 Toledo
    Matt Koch 2005 Princeton
    Kenny Brown 2005 Georgia Southern
    Rick Taylor 2005 Hawaii