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  • How much does it cost to play? $65. If more than one player from the SAME family, the first player is $65 and each additional player is $55.
  • Do I have to be from Cuba to play? No. We welcome all players from the surrounding area between the ages of 8 & 15. We have players from the Bourbon and Steelville area currently in our program.
  • What equipment do I need? Each player must provide their own football cleats(hard rubber only) and protective cup. Cuba Youth Football will supply the rest.
  • When do you have practice? Practice is every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday during the season.
  • When does the season start and end? Our season begins the 3rd week in July and runs through the end of October.
  • When do you play games? Every Saturday from the 3rd week in August through the end of October. No games are scheduled Labor Day weekend.
  • Is there travel involved? Yes. We play in several different communities in the area. The furthest being Jefferson City to the north, St. James to the west and Pacific to the east.
  • How many games do you play? Typically we are scheduled for 6-8 games however if your team makes the playoffs, it can be up to 3 additional games.
  • Do you supply transportation to out of town games? Not generally but if a player has no other way we will make every effort to get them a ride.
  • Will I get to play in every game? Yes, provided you meet the requirements in our Player/Parent Contract.
  • Can I volunteer to be a Coach? Yes. Fill out the online Volunteer Form and submit it. We will contact you providing we have an opening.
  • As a Parent, is there anything that I can help with?  Yes.  We can always use help in several areas during the games (concession stand, run chains, etc.) even if it is for an hour.  Of course we don’t expect you to miss your player’s game.