Last Updated: April 11, 2014

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Are you ready for the Prairie High Falcons cause we are ready for you XXX

P(pause pause) H S (pause) Falcons the best

Way to go Falcons G O

We are PHS The Falcons Team Above the Rest

Lets Go Falcons, Go Falcons Go

Fxxight for falcon xx victory

go fight come on falcons let's win 

Let go Falcons (pause) go falcons go

Prairie Falcons Show your pride

Falcons, Falcons Go Fight Win

Take, take it away, Falcons take it away

Crimson XX White (pause) P H S Let's fight

Shout it out PHS Crimson and Gold

Lets X Go X Falcons XXX

W I N we want this win

Who are you yellin for Prairie XX Falcons XX

Fight Falcons Fight XXX

P H S Let's XX Win

Falcons, Go Go Crimson and Gold

Falcons Let's Hear it you say Go Fight Win

Go, Go Falcons, Everybody yell go Falcons

Let's (pause pause pause) Go Falcons

Crimson Gold and White, Falcons let's fight


P XX HS Oh yes we'll put you to the test

Are you ready

B E A T beat Camas beat Camas fight 

PHS (stomp)

Everybody yell Go Falcons (stomp)

Fight Big White



Get that Ball back Go XX Big D

Defense Defense Go Big D

D-E-F-E-N-S-E Go Defense Go

Steal it XX Swipe it 

Defense Falcons Defense XX

Defense XX Defense



S C O R E score falcons score

Offense Falcons Score 2 more

Move that ball Falcons move XX that ball

Move it, down the court yell go (pause) go

Offense let's go (pause) go fight win

Shoot 2 Shoot 2 Hoop Hoop

Go for 3 victory

Falcons take it the hoop XXX

Bring it to the net and hoop it in

Dribble Dribble shoot shoot

Shoot for 2 yell it shoot for 2

Aim shoot, put it through the hoop

Basket to win X Falcons do it again

Basket XX Basket


Crowd Involvements:

Stomp and Shake it

Hey get with it

Rock this place

Who rocks the house?


7 clap

One we are the falcons

Falcon Power

Hey Cheerleaders...

Get tough attack

We got spirit


Yo Baby

Mighty Beat

Hey all you falcon fans...

P, pump it up pump it up



Prairie High School Cheerleading